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Man Heels On Major Tv Channel

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I started a thread regarding the BBC TV programme Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two, and the amazing shoes the girls wear on the show. Not least because the two hosts [the original presenter is now staying home to look after a new baby] both seem to have a thing for very high heels! cool.gif And I guess the other girls guests like to compete for the highest (and maybe most expensive).

I far from expected to ever be adding a supplement to the thread - on Man Heels. I don't expect there's going to be any competition on this particular theme, but we can wish ....... biggrin.gif

The programme is available on BBC iPlayer for only another day I think, and I also know some of our American friends can't watch the show anyway, so I've taken a screen bite care of a video screen grabber. Video isn't quite sync'd, but you'll get the flavour of it.

>> Video <<




Some background to Craig. >> click << Who's employed as the Mr Nasty on the panel of four dancing judges.

I'm lovin' the Lavish look too. wub.gif Yeah I know it's a fella ..... but look at the face! Stunning! smile.gif

Further topical reading about men in heels. >> click <<


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Okay, now these are certainly heels, they are also chunky. I certainly prefer slimmer heels. But it certainly would be a great start!

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