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The ASOS Kendra thigh boots https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-kendra-stiletto-thigh-high-boots-in-black/prd/12577026?colourwayid=16519460&SearchQuery=&cid=1931 (4.5 - 4.75" heel) are now on offer in sizes up to UK13 for £27.00.   Be aware that most buyers say they run small, which seems to be the case with other ASOS Design footwear in larger sizes.   The wide fit equivalent is also discounted to £31.50, but only goes up to UK9.   New customers can try code  ASOSNEWHERE for a further 15% discount (until 15 March).

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ASOS has recently introduced this leather boot into its men's range, sizes UK5-13 (although 13 currently shown as not available), price £80.00 (although discounts often available).

They are certainly not something I would wear - far too chunky - but no doubt will appeal to some male heel-wearers.   No details stated for heel or platform height and no reviews yet.

ASOS DESIGN heeled lace up boots in black leather on black platform sole

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I see that ASOS is doing these two styles of 'slides' in sizes to UK12.   I like sandals but they both seem to combine clumpiness with being a tad too femme, so not for me.

image.thumb.png.d597df682e294e0d349e33b657060ae8.png                         image.thumb.png.6be3ead43e62aec8688393e66804cca5.png

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