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  1. I have never hid my heels from my children. They have known since they were very young. One is totally fine with it but the step daughter, her redneck hubby and kids are not. At least since they seen us out in public by accident. Step daughter is worried about what the other boys will say if they see their grandpa wearing heels. I tried to teach my kids to except people for who they are, not what they wear. Figured it would be handed down to their kids. Guess not with this one. Once you marry a redneck, always a red neck. There loss. Other than that ,I have ran into many co workers and there kids around town and they do not have a problem with it at all. Kids ask why is that man wearing girl shoes and the parents answer, Thats John, I work with him and he just like high heels better than mens shoes. Seems to be the right answer because so far all the kids agree. Guy shoes are ugly.
  2. I admire the way you handled that situation. Very confident and smart.
  3. My feelings excatly. Mens shoes are flat and boring. I to do not wear anything else. Just like heels with my man cloths.
  4. All my wifes side knows and most like my heels and style. Almost all my side of the family, if not all, know and 98% are fine with it. The other 2% live in a hill jack redneck neanderthal box. I have recently opened up to one of my older brothers and the reaction and reply was flooring to say the least. He wrote me back and said that I am still his little brother and I love you no matter if you wear dresses, bras, high heels or what ever and if anyone gives you a hard time about it I will kick there a..! WOW caught me totally off guard.8) If he only knew how many times he almost caught me wearing my moms heels when we were kids.LOL:p
  5. Great looking boots Gary. I need a pair. Those are right up my ally. Would be great for street heeling.
  6. I guess you would say, I'm one of the lucky ones. My wife loves me in heels and we pick heels out for each other to try on when shopping. She insists I wear heels when we go out because it makes me taller. I'm only 5'6" on a good day. Although the main reason is that we both share the same passion for heels and have a blast with it.:-D
  7. This could be a long story for me but I'll try to keep it short as possible. Ex wife and I are still very good friends after over 20 yrs of divorce. Her and my youngest daughter were shopping for Xmas a few years ago and ex let my daughter in on a little secret. YEP! My love for heels. Daughter got a kick out of it (early 20's) and got me a big high heel jewelry box for Xmas. I was a little embarrassed at the time but went along with it. Of course her mother explained it all to her and she was very understanding. Needless to say, cat out of the bag, whole family knows. Oldest grandson 13, bought me a high heel ornament for Xmas last year. Seems everybody in the family has figured out what to get Johnieheel for Xmas now. It's pretty cool. Older brother, who I hadn't seen for a few years stopped by in his semi a couple years ago for a little brother, brother reunion. Looked around the house and ask about all the high heel stuff. :-D Then asked if I had a shoe fetish. Once again, caught! Yes big brother, I have a shoe fetish. Didn't change anything. I'm still his little brother. As for friends, well my daughter helped me with that one as she couldn't keep her trap shut, but it was a good thing. Now every time I'm at a store or out and run into someone we know, and that's quite often, they don't say a word. Just seem so normal now.
  8. Hi dizzy; I think your story is great and you have a couple real understanding sisters. Thats so cool. As it being a sexual thing, I used to be like that. ***EDITED OUT***. Then later on I found out that my passion for heels was normal and I just wanted to wear them all the time and seen no reason why I couldn't. Thats when my collection started growing. It's still sexual but I have learned to control it and really enjoy wearing them a lot more now.
  9. http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/th.0ebaecf4ce.jpg and it was fun!
  10. Nice boots. I have a pair kinda like that but with a blade heel and they are soooooooo comfy. I too wear them all over.
  11. Johnieheel here from hhplace. Hello every one.
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