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  1. great read, great story, pls do keep us up to date!!:-P
  2. can only offer some word!! a lot depends on the up bringing, and how ones mind has evolved!! in this case it appears that you have come across a few of the average narrow minded ''jo''
  3. understand the value of the camera, agree with you that cell phone pics suck to say the least, unless the subject is dead, and you have all day to take the pic!! so will end this post with some simple advice ''put camera in pocket every day" LOL!!!:confused: sadly my camera is just a tad too big to fit easy in pocket, either wise I would, and sadly my next camera wont be any smaller!! come one show us some nice pics!! mean time enjoy!!:oops: funny how we often dont have a camera when we most need one!!
  4. welcome welcome!! bem vindo!! well here you are not alone, and here you will realize that its quiet normal, and that there many of us!! pls do tell more, what type of style do you prefer?? how many ''woman'' style shoes do you have?? and dont worry too much about the number, we dont have many ourselfs yet, however we are building up the numbers slowly!! just adds to the fun!! welcome!!:confused:
  5. need to do like wise, however need to find a good back round to help the shoes stick out, including one for my avatar!! further will ask the wife if she will sign up here, one for numbers and contribution, and secondly, to try and help in case a member needs helps with explaining to his wife the heels, it sometimes only takes a simple explanation from another lady to help things go smoothly at home!!! ;-):smile:
  6. now this is something that I have had a quick look from time to time and need to admit that I dont know much about!! however am very interested in, so wil read here with lots of interests, the other problem with RC, is that I already have way too many hobbies!! so some like this one will need to stay on the wish list for just a wee bit longer!! some of my hobbies have cost a small fortune, that I could of bought another house like the one that I have!!!;-) madness!!!
  7. wish I could help, however not much more info available!! will try and give the info that I can, although its very little sorry!!!;-) the F-tv that we watch is over the satellite dish, and from other things that I have seen and discussed on the forums with people in the USA, we normally see things just days apart!! sometimes before sometimes just afterwards!! then, have gone onto the f-tv site, and one cant see much with out sining up, and and for the moment not really keen on this!! f-tv does not repeat much however they do repeat somethings sometimes!! hope this helps something!!:-(
  8. well for various reasons we watch F-tv from time to time and this morning at some party to do with Canes film festival they showed around a dozen men in HH, inc stilettos!! sure it was a party with some 1835 theme!! still we are seeing more and more of men in HH!! may it gather speed at the rate of nots, and become the norm day to day!! just thought would share that here!!
  9. FXHH


    just thought of something!!! woman raiding our cupboards, wearing our clothes and shoes, and when men do it, its called weird!! in this case just want their shoes!! and society accepts this and calls us weird!! wonder who is after all the weird ones, sounds like we are the only normal logical ones around!!;-):grin:
  10. sadly that is the truth!! cant understand that people have nothing else to do besides playing all these spaming games, writing virus!!!;-):evil::-( am involved in another site,nothing even close to heels, so much time wasted keeping these buggers out, and sometimes even cleaning up their mess!!!
  11. FXHH

    Shoes USA

    yes very nice indeed, wife would love a pair of those!!!;-)
  12. sadly dont think this place will ever be as big as HHplace, however that does not mean it should not exist, or that there is no place for such a site!! yes we often discuss the same issues here as we do on HHPlace, however as time goes on, and men n heels become more acceptable, so will this place grow with time!! sites like this and HHp, are great source of inspiration, and a great help in men understanding ourself, and understanding the whole concept of men in heels!! these two sites have helmed me immensely, in understanding myself and helping me expressing myself!! hope this place keeps growing and GROWING and .....!!;-)
  13. welcome welcome!! in some circumstances its easier then other!! mean time enjoy it when you can!!;-)
  14. that is what sweet dreams are all about!! LOL!!;-)
  15. FXHH


    welcome welcome!! what is normal, who determines what is normal!! and who made them judge to judge what is normal!! it all depends on a persons point of view, upbringing and level of narrow mindedness!! JMO!!;-)
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