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    Outfit seen in Melbourne.

    I think it's Melbourne based on the facebook posters profile. I should point out that the video is not mine, nor do I know the subject or the commentator. The commentator doesn't seem to approve, but many in todays West would simply shake their head and walk on, and some would be supportive. I have said before that what people wear and how they present themselves is up to them. People should be free to do and say what they wish so long as they don't infringe the rights and freedoms of others. However, society does have expectations, and if you push outside the envelope tooooo far, there are those who will take it upon themselves to push back. Society's norms change slowly, and I would argue that those who push the envelope are the main agent for change. the less stout of heart follow after? This young fellow is apparently attending a pride march. If 10% of western populations are gay, bi, or LGBT of some sort, you could argue that his outfit is really the male equivalent of a girl in hot pants or a mini? Having said that, I think the outfit is more appropriately clubwear than streetwear. So outfit critique, clothes and heels. Over to you.
  2. WalkTall

    Outfit seen in Melbourne.

    Reminds me of a song.....
  3. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    I just did a polish n brush on those knee boots - quite an improvement. Maybe its a girl thing that they wear lots of shoes, infrequently, and don't actually need to look after them. Blokes tend to be more prone to applying some polish and care to their (leather ones at least) footwear. I wouldn't be surprised if that polish wasn't one of the very few these boots have had in their life.
  4. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Also from ebay - these might just be candidates for everyday wear (almost).
  5. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Well I did get some knee high boots of ebay. Quite conservative - about a 2 1/2 inch heel. They are actually quite comfortable.
  6. WalkTall

    Something special

    My opinion? "If now I have an opportunity to wear haute couture and the things that make me feel beautiful, strong, fearless, feminine attractive… even if it was just for me. You cannot please everyone all of the time" Very true. As I said on my first post, I wish everyone could dress, say, and act as they wish so long as it doesn't affect anyone else's rights. Celine is doing just that. I might not like all of her fashion choices, but the point is they are her choices - more power to her.
  7. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Well I did get some knee high boots of ebay. Quite conservative - about a 2 1/2 inch heel. They are actually quite comfortable.
  8. WalkTall

    my new heels

    I do like them.... :-)
  9. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Nope. No-one batted an eye. (I think I got noticed more earlier in Newtown sitting getting a mani-pedi).
  10. Found this supplier from one of those pop-up ads (there are watching my shopping visits it seems). https://www.lindybop.com.au/shoes/boots.html These appeal to me for 'hybrid' mode. A bit of heel, styled so they fit in with jeans, and just a bit different. (They also seem to be real leather).
  11. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    I had a look on fleabay - yes found some. But stiletto boots are on the wish list - if I see some 'love those ones' in my size at a good price, then maybe. but for the moment I'm working up the ladder so to speak. (Had a walk round the city today in my Taos booties - 2 1/2 inch heel and just plain jeans - didn't attract any undue attention and getting some practice in a noticeable (to look at and to wear) heel in a busy CBD mall - Sydney - was good). I think my next acquisition might be along these lines;
  12. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Not yet, that will be a project for this evening (AM here atm).
  13. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Why Thank You for the thought Sir. It is on my wish list to have some knee high boots with a stiletto heel. However I have small, but broad feet - what sort of toe do they have? Colours? Leather?
  14. WalkTall

    Hello from WalkTall

    Hi, or G'Day from WalkTall. I'm from Oz, near Sydney. I'm just an older guy who thinks people should be able to wear what they want. Hey, do what you want as long as you don't affect the rights and freedoms of others. Have a couple of pairs of heels for just at home and very occasionally. However, just got myself a pair of ankle booties - Taos Shakas in black soft leather with a 2 1/2 inch heel. I have worn them out a few times now under boot cut jeans (see Fast Freddy - we follow your advice!). I'm looking for a pair of calf/knee high boots with a higher heel (leather, ~4 inch) but not sure about chunky vs stilletto. (I note it took a while to get approved - the forum does seem quiet - perhaps some new members will liven things up a little?).
  15. Made to measure boots. https://www.fernandoberlinboots.com/en/boots-made-to-measure/kneehigh-boots-made-to-measure.html
  16. When shopping online, it's sometimes omitted as to what the shoes/boots are made of - that usually means either synthetic or PU. PU meaning (as far as I know) polyurethane coating usually over 'split' leather. Synthetic can mean many things including PU, but usually a plastic of some form. So to get to specifics, what are your (the experts) experiences with PU leather boots and shoes? I prefer 'real leather' but that is not an option for what otherwise seem to be good footwear.
  17. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    I'm a 39 or even 38......
  18. I think they would; https://bootlovers.eu/gb/
  19. Ah. https://jean-gaborit.com/gb/13-theatrical-and-costume-styles Would they do a heel though?
  20. WalkTall

    Ebay And Shopping.

    Theres ebay, and there is ebay stores - ie more to the point is which ebay sellers do you find the best deals (including shipping), range, and a good delivery time?
  21. WalkTall

    PVC and Shiny - very big for 2019

    ....Even the Weathergirl does it....
  22. WalkTall

    Quiet in here isn't it!?

    Hi Shyheels. Good to see your post. For myself, I don't think places like twitter, fb, or social media is the place to share this interest. Better to get this forum revved up again.
  23. Leather pants/ boots combination. Interesting concept - could be fun getting the length combination right. http://www.leviticusfashions.com/product-page/leather-bootpants
  24. WalkTall

    Hello from WalkTall

    Hi Freddy, Thanks for replying. I did see (before I joined I think), a video you posted showing heels and boot cut jeans - ie 'stealth' mode. I can't seem to find the thread again, could you please point to it, or repost the video. (We do follow good advice from our senior here.....).
  25. WalkTall


    A little long term goal of mine; Pinstripe suit with a semi flared leg teamed up with and covering (ie stealth mode - unless you want to let them show) a pair of heeled Oxfords.