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  1. Just looked up those trainers. Apart from price, main problem is they don't go up to my size...
  2. I suppose with these people is that their custom doesn't come from people on high heel sites, so I could put a warning on hhplace etc but few potential customers would see it. Not sure what else could be done to warn people, but then of course most of their market is people who want to pretend to be taller. Perhaps it's a general culture of deception. A few years ago I got a pair of Bertulli boots and the heels were nowhere near as high as advertised. I was told the height was an average. As the range went only two sizes above mine... I'm also looking at an Indian company whose products sound very good, but trying to get definite information out of them is proving difficult!
  3. Sorry Puffer. The topic bumped onto another page and I lost track. Thanks for your helpful comments, and I'll look into it next week. Market day today so busy. In my heeled sandals of course. I had a snotty reply from the company, Tall Men Shoes in El Monte, California. I'll reply to them in due course after ascertaining the legal aspects. It's a shame I bought them off their company website rather than via eBay. I only noticed they were eBay sellers after I'd ordered. I'd probably have more come back. They say they never refund postage, with no exceptions. I wonder... Anyway, worse things happen.
  4. Thank you Freddy. You get the situation exactly. I've e-mailed the company concerned, copying into it some of our previous correspondence clearly setting out my requirements and their replies, which are misleading at best and untruthful at worst. As you say, most of their customers must be people who want to look taller - sometimes quite a bit taller as they have heels up to 5.5 inches - but I set out my requirements to them. Surely they couldn't have been unique, given the thousands of pairs of shoes they must sell. I have asked for a full refund for shoes, carriage and return carriage. I doubt I'll get the VAT and 'broker fee' back. My wife nearly cried when she saw the shoes! She said they looked like the shoes a 90-year-old family friend used to wear because of oedema. However, I think, looking on the bright side, that this has highlighted to her the difficulty in finding 'suitable' shoes. She had to agree these were far from suitable, despite the effort and expense trying to get something universally acceptable. Ironically, one of her comments had been that I'd probably spend less on a pair of elevator heels than on all the other pairs I'd bought, most of which I wouldn't wear in public, let alone with close friends or family. In fact, I've just spend more on a pair of 'acceptable' but horrible shoes I'll never wear than I'd have spent on half a dozen pairs of my other shoes! I'll just have to see how all this works out! I'm going to have a chat with our local cobbler to see if he can suggest a solution. He's reheeled a couple of pairs of my shoes and must have guessed they were mine, so I'll see what he says. BTW, awesome trainers/sneakers! I think I might have seen something similar on Ebay. If I could get some in black I'd be tempted!
  5. If you go back to my original post on Monday you might understand.
  6. Well, they've arrived, and they're horrible! Beautifully made, but ugly as sin to look at. They are so obviously built up inside and despite my specific question about the inside thickness of the sole they still come out at about an inch, so the actual rise is about 2.5 inches. I don't know whether to bother sending them back as I'll get only a fraction of what I paid for the shoes and the carriage and, most annoyingly, the import charges. I've tried putting a built-up insole in but there's no room without my heel sticking out the top!. I think I'll show them to my wife so that she knows I've tried. I find it difficult to make people understand that I'm not interested in being taller - the important thing is the angle of the foot, so a built-up sole is useless to me. I've wondered whether to rip the whole insert out and put my own in, but then you have the problem of a colossal toe box. Waaaaahhhhh.
  7. Well, he hasn't posted on FB yet, but I don't think he would anyway. He's very sensitive to people's feelings and wouldn't post anything for a cheap laugh if it would be hurtful to the person concerned. His girlfriend is a delightful girl and probably the first I'd 'come out' to as she's really open. At Christmas we were talking about me wearing a skirt - she started it - but unfortunately someone else came into the room at the crucial moment and we've never continued the conversation. I think she has a thing about that, as in a job interview she told the interviewer he'd look good in a skirt. She got the job!
  8. Thanks for your kind words. Regarding extra height, this has never been a desire with me. If I could get heels that didn't increase my height I'd happily get them. I'm not tall (5'8") but have no desire to be taller except perhaps when trying to get things off high shelves! I'll get my card out and very grudgingly pay UPS as it's more trouble than it's worth fighting, and I want the shoes. Regarding UK suppliers, they have a very limited selection of anything I'd be interested in, with typical lift of 6-7 cm. I need at least 9 for them to be beneficial to my back, keeping in mind the thickness of the sole. Also, even with all these extra charges they're cheaper than I'd get from the UK or EU. Let's hope the quality is as good as promised. I've been told you're much less likely to be charged for goods from China etc.
  9. I've bitten the bullet and ordered some male elevator heels. Yuk, boring, styleless, etc. etc. I know, but actually this site is heels4men so perhaps they're more appropriate than most shoes discussed here. Please say yes... The point is, my wife tolerates my heel wearing but maintains that I should wear styles I'm happy for everyone to see me wearing. So these will come out with business suits, for church, etc. I told her they were expensive but she commented they were probably not more than the aggregate for shoes I've bought but rarely wear. The heel height is nearly four inches. I bought them from a store in the USA. They're in the country - I know this as I've just had a bill from UPS. I expect VAT but not their rip-off brokerage charge which comes to almost the same amount as the VAT. I suppose I'll just have to swallow hard and pay it, but it puts me off buying anything else from the USA, and the carriage charges are horrific in themselves compared to those over here. Is ordinary post better in this regard?
  10. I have a theory that a lot of today's male heel wearers were growing up during the time of unisex clothes and shoes. I was a teenager when flares and platforms were in - most boys wore heels of some sort, and some of the girls wore delightful high heels - not just clumpy platforms. Perhaps my love for wedges stems from that, but a couple of girls used to walk to school in very high stilettos. It always made my tongue hang out and made me wobble on my bike... I've always pined for those days. For some reason the male heels have never come back although a lot of female fashions have been revived over the intervening period.
  11. Well, you've sunk the train, Freddie, but what has knackered parts of the body and mind got to do with last-minute meetings? Actually, re bunions, misaligned toes, etc., they're not necessarily the result of wearing high heels but rather badly fitting shoes, which can easily be flat. There's also the question of how well people look after their feet.
  12. I'm sure you could sharpen your stilettos so that they'd grip on the slippery surface... Or just put an anti-slip coating on the bits you'd be likely to come a cropper on! I love the idea of living on a boat - static or otherwise - but there are practical difficulties, not least receiving post if you're not on a permanent mooring! After all, you need an easy way of receiving your new heels. There are about a dozen or so houseboats in the tidal estuary near us - mostly rusting wrecks which must be damp and cold inside, especially as they're nicely settled into the deep mud and are not in the water most of the time. The inhabitants seem to be a race apart, from my experience, but that's not surprising.
  13. I suppose in the context of property prices in central London that is still cheap, particularly with such a comparatively pleasant view. I left the London area 20 years ago and have no wish to return, even if I could afford it.
  14. Zzzzzzz ;-) Vista.... Total horror. I endured it for a few days, finding it impossible to do what once had been simple things with XP, and then relaced it with good old XP, which is still my OS of choice. Actually, I have to run XP on one computer as an essential program we use was written in Access 97, and it simply will not run in anything later. Microsoft's own program will not work in its XP emulator on later OSs. I won a pair of Fly wedge sandals on Ebay and am wearing them right now. Not the height of style but discreet and quiet. Four inch heels, one inch platforms. I had a bit of a run-in with my wife about all the heels I have, and she asked again how many of them I'd be prepared to wear with close friends/ family around... A bit of difficulty answering that! However, she says she's happy for me to wear men's shoes with built-up heels (elevator shoes), as it's a question with me not just of liking heels but of finding them beneficial to my back. Horrible styleless things, but maybe the way forward to keep erindors happy with my heel wearing, even if I get just one pair. I've told her they're expensive, but she said probably no more expensive than me keeping on buying more shoes that I wouldn't wear with family and friends around. She has a point there, and at least it gets over the 'women's shoes' sticking point with her. Any recommendations in that line? Doing an internet search I was actually quite surprised how many companies sell them.