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  1. Ah c'mon, I'm only size A cup size... Thanks for the compliment on my legs! Much cooler today, so I suppose you might be doing the outdoor jobs, although it sounds as though a thunderstorm is brewing here (south coast). I'm currently wearing these in the office but will change into shoes to go shopping later! I need longer trousers for these, but I don't think many people WOULDN'T notice me wearing them even with floor-length boot-cut jeans, as they definitely modify the way I walk.
  2. Give me between 10 and 25 degrees C. I'd prefer higher to lower, so this heatwave was lovely although I'm glad I was able to dress to suit it. I pity people who are cooped up in an office, in business dress, in this weather. The temperature is much cooler today - I even wore 4-inch lace-up shoes rather than sandals.
  3. The 'last minute' thread seems to be getting less minute by the minute, so I thought I'd start another! It's HOT here! By some standards not at all hot but in the UK we often get humid heat, which is sweltering! I thought I'd have a change from my wedges for relaxing at home, so have got these out of the wardrobe. Any comments on suitability for streetwear? They have 4.5 inch block heels about 1.5 inches wide. No comments on my held-in paunch, please!
  4. Ah, I'll remember that for next time... This is the first time I've been able to log in for over a week. Last night away now, and heels on the plane again tomorrow. I'm a bit dissatisfied with them, though - M&S Footgloves, and the tear-shape pad at the top of the footbed (under my heel) has come adrift. I had to get some superglue and stick it back on!. I hope it's OK for the journey home. Also, I was really annoyed in that when I was on the escalator the stair rose behind my foot and gouged a great bit out of the back of one of the heels. I've patched it as well as I can for now but I'm wondering whether that stair would have gouged a bit out of my foot if I'd been wearing flat sandals!
  5. Certainly not my favourite airline! No queues here fortunately, and Security was a breeze. I think the guy manning the belt was intrigued by my wedges I had to put in a tray... I'm sure several people have noticed them, especially as a couple of times the hems have caught under my heel, but I really couldn't care less! They're preventing backache. I know I'd rather have a few stares than suffer all the time I'm standing and walking around.
  6. Fortunately we're flying with Virgin although BA and AA also offer seats on the same plane. Things seem to be resolved now anyway, but I feel very sorry for the thousands of people whose holidays were messed up, particularly those having to try to occupy bored kids. I've told my wife I'm wearing the wedge sandals. Our next door neighbour is kindly taking us to the local station from where we can get a train to the airport. She's seen my heels before anyway so it won't be a surprise for her. I'm not sure when I'll next be able to log in but I'll let you know how I get on through Security in heels!
  7. WordPerfect! I was brought up on 5.1, and a thoroughly good program it was. I still use WP4W from choice. I need to use Word for business but still hate the program. So now we're getting stuff ready to pack, and I'll have to wait and see how much protest I get to my heels. I've been wearing my new sandals for shopping etc., including a visit to Halfords. I'm sure they've been noticed but again no comments from anyone. Wearing them for our flight will make all the difference between backache and no backache, with all the standing around at the airport.
  8. I remember one at a company I worked for over 30 years ago. There was a resident gorilla who defended it against all comers. It's much cooler here today - evidently acclimatising us for bank holiday Monday...
  9. I remember mainframe computers, but what does that actually mean? I have visions of substantial steel work
  10. Hope they're waterproof, in case of accidents...
  11. Norah Batty style in the first picture! Could they do some chest waders perhaps? All in one dungarees/heels
  12. We'll be heading north in a camper van so won't see much of Florida! You wouldn't believe how much cheaper it was to fly into Orlando, with a direct flight, than to other airports, for most of which there was at least one change. When we saw the price, we double-checked it was for two tickets, not one! I think my wife's resigned herself to my new sandals, especially when I made it plain I was happy to wear them anywhere locally, and promptly went shopping in them.
  13. I seem to have fixed the problem of trouser bottoms getting trapped under my heel as I walk in my new sandals. I've inserted a thin cable tie in the hem at the back crease, and it keeps the bottom of my trousers rigid. I need to give it a more thorough test but initial result seems good! Better for walking round the airport...
  14. Think of me next week jetting in to Florida... Might be on the warm side there!
  15. Put a freezer in the bedroom and leave the door open? The cat might get inside, of course.