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  1. Plastic? Cardboard?
  2. Don't champ on your imitation teeth
  3. How do sellers get away with this word faux? If they used the English word no one would buy them! False leather? Either they're leather or they're not
  4. Oh indeed. I don't like her choice in shoes, but you can't have everything...
  5. Yes, I think she's doing a wonderful job, especially as she voted to remain. A milder version of Maggie Thatcher? A lot of people hated her but I admired her courage, and she helped get the UK out of a very large and deep hole. No, I don't want to be drawn into any heated discussion about her - just a comparison... We should definitely campaign for zero VAT on high heels!
  6. I'll look forward to it!
  7. I'm surprised you're finding so little outlet for them. Let me know what you have with heels over 4 inches (all styles) and I promise to give you more than Ebay are allowing you!.
  8. Surprised that term hasn't been decimalised. Ideal bike for heels - no chain, no gears, and a wonderful excuse for 30 inch heels
  9. I was just trying to introduce something heel-related to the cycling conversation! Perhaps they should be made obligatory for the Tour de France. Could be interesting on the hairpin bends. En haut les talons... Now I'll turn back over and go to sleep
  10. But do you wear heels on your bike? ;-)
  11. My usual wedges with rubber heels, so silent, although the floor was carpeted so that wouldn't have made any difference inside. However, I've worn noisy wedges and stilettos too, and got no reaction. The heels don't show when I stand, but they do when I walk or sit down. I've been to conferences with 5000 people present, in my usual wedge boots, and even asked a girl who knew I was wearing them whether anyone had mentioned them to her, but no one had. Regarding foreign travel, I flew to New York last year wearing my concealed heels (about 4 inches), and had to take them off through security, so I was tiptoeing through to keep my trouser bottoms off the floor.
  12. My heels are about 4.5 inches. I'd say about a third of the women were in heels of some sort. It was a smart casual dress code. At conferences they dress more smartly, and many heels are higher than mine, even if most of those are coupled with platforms (not the London station variety). Actually, I had a new 'excuse' ready if anyone had commented: it was April Fools Day and my wife had put out the wrong shoes for me... Sadly I didn't get a chance to use that line. No one has ever commented, at various company events, or elsewhere. Funnily enough I've worn heels on the Underground, from Euston to Victoria, so you were just there on the wrong day, Shyheels. ;-)
  13. So I'm at a company seminar with about 100 women in the room. It's so gratifying seeing only one pair of heels higher than mine...
  14. Then here is the ideal place for you and Puffer to chat to each other... I agree with what you say about the genuineness. In the FB groups I mentioned there are always posts from people who seem to think they're like any of the myriad groups aimed at CDs, but in general things keep mainly to heels with men's clothes.
  15. Pleaser Domina leather (not synthetic!). 5.5 inch heels. My favourite stilettos.