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    For us with (ahemm) smaller feet, this is the time of year when Autumn/Winter styles appear in the shops and online. While I prefer Spring as a season, Autumn brings colour to the leaves on trees, and a fresh range of boots for trying and buying. Many years ago, I was a UK 7. I'm a good deal heavier than the skinny rake I used to be, so no surprises I'm now a UK 8. I get into many UK 7's still, but I'm pretty much an 8. With Chinese imports, which for reasons best known to the importers come up small (they don't come up small, the numbering is not correct) to the claimed size, I am tending to be a Chinese version of a UK 9. Luckily, many (but not all) online brands now carry a UK 9 because girls are taller, and as we know, taller people have longer feet. Most years, I have spotted one or two potentials for purchase, and foolishly waited for sales to get I'm interested in at a bargain price often missing out on something I might like to own. I will not be doing that this year. One outlet alone, has me interested in 3 styles only weeks in. I will be ordering all three, and one pair is already paid for waiting to be shipped. As they are black patent (as is a second style) I doubt I will wear them out, but since opportunities for this are decreasing, I now claim these to be 'collection pieces' rather than active footwear. Historically, if I couldn't wear a particular style out at some time (or at least for there to be potential for wearing) I have not purchased. I have worn stiletto courts a number of times in the past, while out in venues in London. I've been spotted, and to a small degree, stared at. However, I really couldn't care less what others think. That doesn't mean I'll be walking around shopping malls in black patent thigh highs any time soon. As long as I don't draw a crowd, I'm free to wear what I like as long as I'm discreet. More on styles and supplier performance to follow.

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