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Emulating Harry Styles

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'The Sun' on 9 May ran a feature about one of its reporters dressing to emulate the 'Harry Styles' look - as seen recently at the Met Gala.   

See here:   https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9033421/man-tries-harry-styles-met-look-london/   For those who can't see the article, I attach one pic below

 He doesn't look too bad imho, although the mismatched nail varnish does him few favours.   The boots have quite a modest cuban heel and look perfectly good for male street wear.   The overall reaction (if any) from onlookers as he went around in London seemed generally positive. 


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Well..... The theme for this years MET, was "camp" and I'd say Harry carried it off quite well, as did some others.

The reporters trousers are shorter than Harry's if I remember, so plainly the reporter was looking to get noticed.  From the report written up in the Sun, I'd say the reaction wasn't quite what was hoped for. Basically, no-one really cared. As I've mentioned quite a few times, I get spotted in a heel fairly frequently. As long as I'm left alone to get on with it, I don't mind being noticed, I only get annoyed if the person staring is rude about it. (I got this too, when I had a temporary facial disfigurement. One or two, and thankfully there were VERY few, who looked, and looked, and looked. Usually, women.)

I don't have many, but I do have some "stand out" images of people going about their business in London, that should have had every head turned they passed, but generally, not one head turned. I don't know if it's respectful, people accommodating individualists, maybe a bit scared (in case a comment created a scene)? You've got to go some in London to get "noticed" enough to stop people indulging in their own lives and get them looking. 


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