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  1. Puffer, I sure do miss seeing the ladies in heels of that type. The classic cut in my opinion.
  2. I know I'm about four years late to this game, but I had to comment on these lovely pumps. My wife also wore heels of this type 20+ years ago, though as a rule she did prefer a lower heel than these. Maybe had one or two pair that I bought for her that were this high. Honestly, I also preferred a somewhat lower heel, likely in the 3.5-4 inch range (80 mm I'd guess?). Iy has been likely at least 14 years since she wore heels due to extreme foot problems followed by some nerve issues. Boy, do I miss those days.......
  3. Not sure why this site and HHPlace are losing steam. I think in part it is due to so many there being lovers of the extreme, though HHPlace still has several guys that wear reasonable heels, But it does make me wonder where all the guys went. I doubt they stopped wearing heels, so why did they quit posting their trials and tribulations. I admit there is not a ton of input that holds my interest anymore, but there is no where else to go to find those with similar interests, so I'm not going anywhere.
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