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  1. I cannot recall where I read it, maybe a local business publication, but pre-pandemic, there was talk that the younger generation was getting back into stores. Seems since Mom and Dad learned how to do the internet thing, it's no longer cool, so they are going back to stores. Also, instant gratification plays a large part. That said, the pandemic put an end to most of that. Will be interesting to see if the trend returns. That said, the youth movement, if sustainable, may still not be enough to save brick and motar stores.
  2. I check in every now and then, but you're right, there's rarely much new stuff.
  3. ronc

    New from ASOS

    I also wear longer boot cut jeans with my heeled boots when out in public. If someone is looking that hard at my feet, they can figure out that I'm wearing heels. But I pay little attention so for the most part I likely wouldn't notice even if someone was looking. Every now and again I believe I have seen someone that noticed my heels, but never a word spoken or a big deal made of it. One of my very early outings in heels I know a young woman walking toward me definitely noticed and she was smiling at me as I passed. Given her age and mine, I know the smile wasn't meant that she thought I was some hot guy....lol.
  4. ZZ Top "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" Second verse: Easing down the highway in a new Cadillac, I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back. They sporting short dresses, wearing spike-heel shoes. They smokin' Lucky Strikes and wearing nylons too.
  5. It is interesting to see that heels remain a staple of TV and movie folks, but are rapidly disappearing in the real world. I hope the TV/movie folks stay the course here as it does offer hope for the future.
  6. Puffer, I sure do miss seeing the ladies in heels of that type. The classic cut in my opinion.
  7. I know I'm about four years late to this game, but I had to comment on these lovely pumps. My wife also wore heels of this type 20+ years ago, though as a rule she did prefer a lower heel than these. Maybe had one or two pair that I bought for her that were this high. Honestly, I also preferred a somewhat lower heel, likely in the 3.5-4 inch range (80 mm I'd guess?). Iy has been likely at least 14 years since she wore heels due to extreme foot problems followed by some nerve issues. Boy, do I miss those days.......
  8. Not sure why this site and HHPlace are losing steam. I think in part it is due to so many there being lovers of the extreme, though HHPlace still has several guys that wear reasonable heels, But it does make me wonder where all the guys went. I doubt they stopped wearing heels, so why did they quit posting their trials and tribulations. I admit there is not a ton of input that holds my interest anymore, but there is no where else to go to find those with similar interests, so I'm not going anywhere.
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