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  1. Responding to posts is something I do rarely unless the topic is of interest to me directly. I do enjoy your adventures out and about, so keep it up. I think this forum stays on the down low because the main site is so active.
  2. I really only wear heels when the mood strikes so its not really that bad. I can wear the knee high boots for extended periods of time really with only minor discomfort so it's not really an issue with them. The higher heels I wear mainly when I am sitting around as walking in them is a bit difficult for me as they throw off my balance because they tend to be wobbly. The medical term for what I did to my foot (which as I thought about it was my right foot, the big toe that starts hurting is on my left foot) is hyperextension. Basically when I went down I managed to bend all five toes backwards to the point of damaging the ligaments. It took about a week to be able to go back to work and then about 6 months to be able to walk normally. It was not a really fun time for me. The accident happened right in the middle of a big job we were working on and unfortunately I had all the plans with me, which meant the coworker that had to take over for had to come all they to my house to get them. But then life goes on and I eventually got back to the job.
  3. The pain that I am dealing with is more because the joint is being forced into a position that is not normal. I should also point out that I managed to severely jam all the toes on that foot several years ago. It is also possible that the scar tissue from the healing process may be what is causing the difficulty as I have worn a pair of knee high boots that have a 2" heel very comfortably all day previous to that event but today after about 6 hours it causes me difficulty. When I get to 4" or higher the pain starts at about the 2 hour mark. Then it take 25 minutes to an hour before the pain drops to a level that I no longer feel it.
  4. I am 56 Freddy. As far as I know I do not have and never have had gout. My doctors are telling me that I have developed a benign form of arthritis in some of my joints which does make it somewhat difficult to do a lot of things without being in pain after a short while. They are having me go through physical therapy to see if that helps and alleviates some of the discomfort I have moving around a lot. Time will tell if it is really effective or not I suppose.
  5. I have over the years worn various heights of heels and have really enjoyed them. I can walk in 4" heels with no issues and have had no stability issues. The question I have is that for a while I was not wearing heels of any kind and then I started up again and I have an issue with my big toes starting to hurt after a couple of hours with the heels on. Is there a good method of easing back into the wearing of heels such as starting at one height and working your way up or does it just simply get harder with age to get to the higher heels again?
  6. I've been reading through the main Forum and really finished a week or so ago. I could not understand why the link for the Men's discussion would not clear. Then it occurs to me to try the link and see if that was it. Well Duh it was. The last time I tried to login here I had difficulties but that seems to have been cleared as well. Anyway I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'll likely be quiet for a while as I read through the active topics to get a feel for what is going on.
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