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This is surreal .....

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If you recognise this person.......




(Prince William's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge)


The following might surprise you ....







Full article >> here << 

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Clearly a good-natured fun day all round!   I am almost envious of the bloke standing in heels that were too big for him; I am unlikely to have that problem!

Kate is a lovely lady and a credit to us all.   My eldest stepson is in the RAF and has met William and Kate more than once; both are very friendly and natural, on duty or off.


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I think the Royal family have moved into the 21st Century along with the rest of us. While some would say we should be a Republic, I'm glad to have a figurehead of our nation, that is known to be one of the sincerest people in the country, unlike our Prime Ministers for the past 20 years or so.


Getting back to 'surreal' .... 

While in London last Friday, I wanted to test my new phone... We are sat in my car preparing to travel homeward, logged into the BBC, and watching a live TV broadcast (we do have a license BTW). I am mindful to how far telecoms have come, and in fact how far electronic media has come, in such a short space of time. While children might think 30 years is a long time, coming from using a housebrick with a nail for an antenna with reception usually limited to cities and big towns, to watching TV (and in colour) while sat in a car .... Amazing!

And to add a little perspective to that, Star Trek 'communicators', and almost every sci-fi production that immediately springs to mind, showed (predicted) personal comms with having voice, rather than audio and visual. Though Thunderbirds might have had audio/visual watches? That Gerry Anderson fella had better foresight than Steve Jobs .... ;) :D  

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