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Boots from Topshop

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Whilst passing through my local Topshop on Saturday, I noticed these 'March' sock boots on display.   They are listed online as available either in black leather or tan suede, 4" heel, price £69.00.   However, the sizes only go up to 42 (a generous 8, I believe) - so no good to me!   (And in tan, all but 41 and 42 shown as sold-out.)

I think these would be good for male street-heeling as, even if on show, they are quite discreetly styled in a 'masculine' way.

Topshop has some other boots that may be worth a look - but most of the current shoe offerings are imho rather too quirky for male wear, many having oddly-shaped heels and embellishments.   (Perhaps the shoe range is designed by, and intended to co-ordinate with, 'Sir' Philip Green's beautiful and charismatic daughter?)


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Just so you know, that 'cuban' style heel is immensely popular this Autumn/Winter.

I would agree they are good for male street wearing. I was tempted but I already have an earlier version, though I might prefer these .... The ones I own have a wider, more masculine look to them.

You are right about the 42/8 being generous, which isn't always the case with Topshop. I find a Topshop 41 is waaay too small, so don't always expect a 42 to fit. In many styles from other brands, I get into a 41??  

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