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  1. " where we could list openly friendly and accepting places as well as definite No Go places." That is a great idea.
  2. Elegant, we are on the same page 100% equality in fashions is what I push for my self on facebook, people should be able to wear what they wish..I have gone to party's wearing my black Stillwater kilt mens pantyhose and knee high heel boots with a dress jacket and the look I showed the lady's thought the look was goth chic and loved it. Here are some pictures of the boots and the kilt, the kilt pic. was taken at the Comic Con here in San Diego.
  3. So what has she picked for you and do you wear 4" pumps? what is you girlfriend thought about men wearing high heels?
  4. Hello friend, may I ask what your style is, I'm asking this to help me, How do you wear your 4 1/2" block-heeled ankle boots, do you wear jeans or dress pants with a dress shirt and jacket? I have many knee high heel boots my self and I wear them out side of the jeans tucked in under the boot and they are 4" or 4 1/2" heels, here are four pictures..
  5. Equality in Fashions

  6. Hello, Where am I? I'm from San Diego,CA United States.
  7. Hello friends, I have seen one friend here and glad of it, as for me, I love Fashions and feel that it's time for Equality in Fashions so I also wear heels most of the time I'm not at work, I found you through a mens free style Fashion blog. Take care and happy heeling.
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