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  1. I love the boots to! I have a few pair that I wear when I drive to work and go to the party store. Love the feeling of wearing them in public. bernheels
  2. Hey Johnieheel: I couldn't agree with you more! i have been wearing high heels since I was 12 - over 40 years now and love them. Obviously when I was younger I did the same thing. ***EDITED***. Now they are still a sexual thing - but I wear them all the time at home and love the feeling of trying on some new high heels. I love to go to the store and see the new styles and buy the ones I like. My wife is the best and is OK with me wearing heels at home and when we drive on long trips - or even just around town. Life is great and even better in high heels. Bernheels
  3. I love to drive in high heels. I drive to and from work wearing my 5 inch boots. I wear them home and change into my other heels when I get home. Yum
  4. I am also one of the lucky ones that has a wife that alows me to wear heels at home on a daily basis. I have over 300 pairs of all styles of high heels. She is cool with it and actually waits for me to change into something more comfortable when I get home. She is the best. bernheels
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