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Autumn/Winter 2016

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New season boots haven't arrived yet but doesn't look promising....

Last Sunday (17th July) Mrs Freddy and myself went to Londinium for the day, shopping for some 'wedding' shoes for her friends (3rd round of) nuptials in August. Given we were shopping for her shoes, which have to be wearable for around 10 hours on the day, readers won't be surprised it was a little boring at times. Since I got to try on a couple of pairs, 'apparently' I must have had a good day too. <_< The good bits were wearing very high heels for 6-7 hours, and the banoffee cheesecake at John Lewis. 

More of the bad bits were discoveries that Carvela/Nine West/Steve Madden are now using manufacturers that don't expect buyers to have toes. 6 years ago, Nine West boots in US 10W had my feet flapping around inside them, Not in their court shoes on Sunday. Both myself and Mrs Freddy each have a fairly good range of Carvela/KG shoes that fit. I have been listening to herself remark their shoes had been getting more and more uncomfortable ... me thinking perhaps her feet were growing? Well, I tried some myself, and finding not only can I get in an EU40 court of theirs, my foot falls out too. But where was the space for my other two toes?

Steve Madden has for some time, been a favourite, with generous sizing. But a new style of court I tried on, had me struggling to get in an EU41, and no room for all 5 toes. Yet a style they've had hanging around for over a year, I can get into (and fall out of) their EU40.

In summary, length doesn't seem to be a problem, but 'width' is. Odd, given I have reasonably slim feet ... :(

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