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Out In (Very) Public.

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I'm very behind with my 'adventure' reporting, and pictures of heels seen out. Bit delinquent with the styles reviews too. :huh: Have had other priorities, and these have been unavoidable. (Unusually.)

Rather than postpone the report of another 'adventure', this one will have to appear out of sequence.

Ever heard of a band called Elbow? If you watched the Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony, your will have seen them. Slightly off the centre line of pop, but they are great lyricists and accomplished musicians.

Mrs Freddy really likes them, and an opportunity came our way for us to see them. Was never going to be cheap, but the tickets came attached to VIP facilities, and VIP car parking. While herself is trying to keep a bit of a tight rein on spending, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. I offered to finance the outing on the strength of it being an early Chrissy present. [Knowing full well, I'd still be buying her something else.]

Anyway, we got the tickets, and the gig was at London's O2 Arena. I hadn't realised, but it was the last gig at the last venue, of an almost 18 month World Tour. :huh:

Some planning had gone into this. Tickets ordered 4 months ago. Haircut 3 weeks ago .... (To make the cut look 'relaxed', not just recently hacked off.) Car fuelled, route committed to memory. [Journey home, not equally learned!]

Decision on trouser (bought 3 years ago and unworn) with boots (bought 3 years ago and unworn) made and tried for size/look. Nails trimmed .... As with anything else that needed it. [No detail left untouched.]

At the last minute, concerns over meeting someone we might know (it's a big place, but a lot of people there), so different boot worn. Had to be high/high as the trousers were so long. Plus, having worn an almost 5 inch heel for 20 minutes while flouncing around getting ready, a 4 inch heel just didn't feel high enough!

So left a bit later than planned, but still, VERY early. Just as well, as a hold up on the North side of the Thames tunnel (aka Blackwell Tunnel) had us parked on the route for nearly 30 minutes, within a 10 minute swim across the river. :rolleyes:

Having arrived in good time, we were still too late to have a mooch around the venue. Before entering the venue outer entrance only 100 yards from the car park, we to Costa for refreshment and use of a toilet. An accompanied middle aged lady (I'm being kind there) sitting outside, had a good look at my boots, as did a girl inside Costa. I was in 'couldn't be bothered' mode - so ignored them both. :D

Into the venue via the VIP door. Just like the regular one, but security a lot more friendly. ;) We guided to our lounge, with a helper at very point of our short journey up the escalator to the lower VIP lounges. Did I mention we had front seats there too? :P:D Only 3 rows of 5 if I remember, so never going to feel crowded.

Must of walked past 20 Arena employees to get seated. Walked past another 20 going to the bar during the interval for light refreshment. Also walked past a good number of other customers, including a family of four who joined us in the lift. (Both mother and daughter spotted my shoes.) Can't be sure how many spotted the boots while I stood at the counter being served, but wild guess .... everyone of the other 25 people in 4 rows held 2 paces away from the bar?. Floor at this position was painted concrete. Very slippery, and noisy. Again, still in 'couldn't care less' mode. B)

Back to our floor and our seats. Gig was excellent. I had thought the band would be pretty inanimate, but not so. Rear graphics (on large screens), the light show, and the lead man of the band kept aural and visual stimulation going the whole time they were on. Even got some audience participation going with a fast back-and-forward Mexican wave, and involved those standing inside the 'stall' (open) area in getting them to do a reverse wave by ducking. :D There was a couple of other bits, and it was all very entertaining.

One big surprise ..... A chap close to the band called Marcus remarked loudly it was his birthday. 15 minutes later when the lead singer had finished with it, he gave Marcus his personal guitar of at least 12 years (I suspect a Stratocaster - the type favoured by the likes of Jimi Hendrix). Plus we sang him happy birthday! I doubt he'll ever have another quite so memorable?

Not wanting to get caught in the post conclusion rush to the toilets, I left briefly. Walked out into an empty corridor, only to be approached immediately by our lounge valet. My walking away might have been interesting for him .... as could have the walk past another 5 of his colleagues. 3 of which were standing in the very well lit and un-carpeted hall outside the toilets! And all three still there talking on my exit. :rolleyes:

Back into the lounge for the climax. Was a very very very good gig.

We hung around for the lounge to empty, before Mrs Freddy's turn to venture toward the loo. As we left our floor for the escalator downward, we were followed by a girl who had looked at my footwear and just smiled as we let her pass. I think 3 (large/tall) fellas waiting by the inner exit may have noticed them too and certainly one of the security chaps stared at my boots as I approached (until I stared at him). Had word spread? :D

We quickly to the car a short walk away, the earlier cold now given way to light rain.

The downside to parking so close to the venue .... You're at the end of the queue of traffic leaving. :( Took the wrong side of 30 minutes to get mobile, but once off we kept moving. An hour later, we were at home. B)

I took many photo's, but mostly my camera didn't cope with bright flashing (coloured) lights very well. Most are poor quality, and about half were completely useless. [Out of focus, or so much movement due to slow shutter speeds, band members look like ghosts.] Managed to get some video's though. Mrs Freddy had a quick look before retiring for the night. (Up at 5.15am for work, so gonna be a tired baby tomorrow. :( }

No shouting or screaming, no lynchings. B) Very pleasant evening on many levels. :)

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Never heard of the band though but thats more due to me not keeping up much with bands.

I'm a recent convert. (Thanks to Mrs Freddy.)

They're an accomplished band from Manchester. Been around a while. Just about every other song is an 'anthem'.

If you had anything to do with the Olympics this year, you would have heard them .....

Where they played live. ;)

They were at the V Festival, did Glastonbury 2011, and have just completed an 18 month global tour. They played to a capacity audience at the O2 Sunday, of around 20,000 at a venue 200 miles from home territory.

They are excellent musicians who play real instruments. Not often I could say a live gig was as good as the studio sound, but they were better? Great, great gig.

is a 'live' studio recording, I suspect for a TV feature I missed. Very very very few bands would be asked to perform with the BBC Concert Orchestra and a competition winning choir - at the Abbey Road studio's. <ahttp://heels4men.net/uploads/emoticons/default_cool.png' alt='B)'>

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