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Glastonbury - Jessie J.

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I very much like her dress sense, and her music doesn't make me want to leave the room, so I watched some of the recorded video of her performance at Glastonbury.

Jesse has been touted as the UK's answer to Lady GaGa [yeah right.] She doubtless has talent, and as I've already mentioned, she knows how to make the most of her herself. In fact she recently picked up a Glamour award, so I'm not the only one who thinks so. wink.gif

For those who aren't aware, the festival is well known for two things: 1. Top entertainers, as wide a variety of class acts as you could wish to see. 2. Mud. Lots and lots of wet goo - everywhere.

Watching one of the videos of her, I noticed a couple of things. She did her entire set [but for about 2 seconds] sitting down, due to a tendon injury caused during rehearsals. [Not clear for which gig, but it wasn't Glasto.] The other, that she appeared to be wearing high heeled wellies. Now given the mud, wellies [wellington boots] seemed quite appropriate, but heels? Searched the BBC website and her own site for images. Saw somewhere [Edit: found piccy >> here<< ] that she had help to get that boot on, and her walking shoe ~ ankle height Hunter welly ~ was left about 18 inches away from her feet. Conclusion? The high heeled boot was part of her performance costume, and bad leg or not, the good one was going to be wearing that heel. biggrin.gifcool.gif

Here is a >> sample << vid from the gig. [You get a fleeting view of the back of the boot in this vid.]

I had to watch all the video's on both sites to find the shot, but I finally got to >> look at the boots <<. Note the little 'walk on stage' welly to the left. wink.gif And >> here << is a still from the video linked above, showing the heel from behind. Great boot! cool.gif

So, thinking she liked heels, I had a deeper look into her web site photo section. Found these:

Jesse in heels 1

Jesse in heels 2

Jesse in heels 3

Jesse in heels 4

Jesse in heels 5 *Very nice* biggrin.gif

I think she likes heels? wink.gifcool.gif

Edit: Links crossed. [Duh!]

Edit: Found piccy of boot being 'fitted'.


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While searching the BBC Glastonbury site, I stumbled across the [now] all girl band Warpaint.

No heels I'm afraid, but really good music, and very talented musicians. >> Have a listen. <<

If you notice what seems like flat notes here and there, I think they're supposed to be there as they appear in all versions of the song. huh.gif

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I have reason to reprise this thread (see below).

Searching for the thread originally wasn't hard, but finding every link had disappeared was disappointing. :(

So here's the story ...

Jessie J, always a bit different when (much) younger, doesn't have a great time during her earlier school years. Gets to a stage school and works hard. Starts to carve out a career for herself as a singer/performer. Has accident, breaking a bone in her foot. Gets herself a slot on a talent show, and becomes a 'household name'.

It's only pertinent here because she's a pretty girl that paints up well. Very leggy, and she has history that suggests she likes to show them off - all of them. Until she had the accident at a rehearsal, there was further indication she liked to wear a heel. The broken bone meant this may no longer be possible. See below. B)

The Glastonbury photo's again:

Glastonbury 2011 high heeled welly front

Glastonbury 2011 high heeled welly back


The boots:

Louis Vuitton wellies: post-40-0-94970900-1361408728_thumb.jpg

Further images below. [No space for them in this post.]

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Some older (pre break) photo's ..... :)



Leggy. [With heels!]


And some photo's only a couple of hours old .......


Dunno about the plunging neckline, but she's still pretty, and wearing very high heels again. B)

All copyrights are recognised. Photo's reproduced for the purposes of commenting, criticism, research and teaching only.

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Lets see how Jessie J (Yes Freddy. VERY leggy and VERY attractive) rocks the high heeled look with a shaved head!!

Fair play to her for doing it..... I think it looks quite good, but then again I have taken the clippers to Mrs H's hair to correct dodgy bleach jobs.... Lol but that's another story

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Just a couple of pics I found of the lovely Jessie J.... She does look just as good with the shaved head, and again I think the tv show is the voice and another pair of heels



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