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  1. I was at T. J. Maxx the other and found a pair of Sam Edelman boots in a size 12. I usually wear a woman's 13 but I decided to try these on anyway. Several women watched me try these on and never gave me a second look. The great thing is that they fit! The other great thing was they were clearanced at $49.00! Here a link to the same boots: http://www.styleceo.com/sam-edelman-womens-sable-boots-black-leather-6099490/p/6099490/
  2. I showed up at our weekly card game wearing my 5 inch pumps after completing a Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event. They all had a good laugh and they all tried on my shoes. Little do they know that I wear them all the time at home.
  3. I just want to say hello to everyone. I love to wear heels, especially stilettos. I usually only wear them around the house but lately I've been participating in a few of the "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" events where I can wear them publicly as well as contributing to a worthy cause. For a week or 2 leading up to one of these walks I will walk around the neighborhood in the shoes I plan to wear during the walk.. The neighbors have all seen me walking and know why I'm in heels. What they don't know is how much I enjoy wearing them.
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