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  1. HighHeeler

    Telling Or Explaining Strangers

    Well, my experience in life (in short 40 years ) is that young women are more open minded than other types of persons. So they might show more appreciation than the others maybe caused by thoughts like hurting feets caused by wearing heels. Fairly old persons have a conservative attitude towards changes or unusal things. They lived long building their meanings never wanting to change them or thing about changes. The exception proves the role as you taught me luckily But within my daily environment there's no exception :-( As I said: just my experience... Hmmm, I don't think so. I work in a big office with many women often wearing high heels from about 2" to 5" - I recognize them all And they are very efficent! They walk very vast in their heels and boots. OK, not all jobs could be done in heels, I would never build a house in heels for example. But in my job as software engineer I could wear heels being as efficient as whe n wearing my ordinary men's shoes. Except that I would feel much better
  2. Started this thread here 'cause it's not 'friends and family' nor 'children and siblings' from the 'coming out' section. @admin: please move this thread if I'm wrong. Being seen more often than wanted on my so called abandoned way I started to think about what to do when someone stops by and asks about my heels... How to describe that great feeling wearing and walking in high heels... Telling the truth or searching for excuses... What kind of person would I explain what... Woman or man, young or old... How would they react... I think I would prefer a younger woman for my first explanation, telling the truth about what a great feeling wearing of high heels could cause. I don't mean a feeling in the sexual manner like getting aroused or something like that! But wearing heels make you feel better, other, ... Ugh, it's very hard to describe! Unlike to the younger woman I would be less open to an older man. Maybe I would search for an excuse but I'm not sure yet. What about you? Who do you prefer if you have to tell/explain your behavior to a stranger catching you wearing your heels? What would you say to them? cu HighHeeler
  3. HighHeeler

    Caught, almost caught ..... wanna tell?

    Out for a walk on my 6" heels yesterday I got caught by 3 men on their bikes. The little path I walked is usually abandoned when having bad weather - but not yesterday... As I walked in Jeans and greatcoat the first of them passed by without me hearing him before. A few minutes later the others passed by recognized by me meters before reaching me. All of them had a time to watch me walking in heels as the way continued straight ahead. No one stopped talking to me nor I recognized some unusual behavior like shaking their heads or something like that. Encouraged by this I'll give the way a second try in the next days...
  4. HighHeeler

    Warn Status

    I've got that new item, too. But as it looks like an empty rectangle, I think we haven't done any wrong yet. In my opinion it may be filled step by step as a download indicator and when the rectangle is complete filled we're in big trouble. Also, clicking on the new item a new window appears saying 'There are no saved notes for this member'. So it's state is 'green' at the moment. As I said: my opinion...
  5. Hello, yesterday I made a new (my first) gallery and uploaded some images. They were shown within the 'recently uploaded images' field and my gallery. Login in today, they're all gone. No gallery, no images Any help? cu HighHeeler
  6. HighHeeler

    Welcome to heels for men HighHeeler

    Oh yes! I feel it right now! There, my bad back will kill me soon :P
  7. HighHeeler

    Welcome to heels for men HighHeeler

    Sorry for answering so late but I couldn't get time to write yet. I made some interesting experiences in the last days - but answers first Yes, my children make me happy as no other could do - the're the best thing ever. I hope it stays when the grew up and become teenager My boots are stored in our 'parents' wardrobe and my pumps in my car (even my wife doesn't know about them yet). I'm very careful about them not seeing me in heels unfortunately that's the main reason why I can't wear them at home. I think you're right, that may be the reason. I'm very shy especially with crowds or few people knowing me. My shyness is based on unpleasant experiences in school. Back then I was very tall for my age and had to hear contumely about me all the time... That shapes future Now my newly made experiences: Again I went to an erotic shop, another one than last time, wearing my heels. Entering the shop there were 2 clerks and about 10 other customers. Scared but brave I walked around, spoke to the clerks and looked at dvd-covers and toys. What should I say: Absolutely no reaction from anyone. As I knelt down searching a pair of tigh highs a new customer came in and went beside me. As he finally passed he stopped, turned, got big eyes and - went on. Leaving the store I realized that I was in there for about 1 hour! My second experience based on a little tricking my wife Wearing high heels makes her standing/walking more straight and - contrary to doctors warnings about heels - gives her less pain within her backbone. Two days ago I mourned about having pain in the backbone and remembered her of her saying. She encouraged my by saying 'Yes, try it by yourself!', having no problem with me wearing heels after one year of abstinence. Our children were in bed and I put on my boots (5" spiked heels). You couldn't imagine how happy I was! cu HighHeeler
  8. HighHeeler

    Welcome to heels for men HighHeeler

    Man - I wish I could wear my heels when working at home-office... You're in a very fortuneate position That's quite the oppossite to me and therefore I chose the erotic shop. OK, maybe there's a slight difference between crowds and crowds. I don't think I care about really big crowds where nobody cares about the others. But in 'normal' crowds as in the main street of Cologne e.g. I fear of death! Yet here nobody cares for each other normally but once you're 'detected' you'll be in the spotlight. It's a bad experience I made years ago: It was my first visit at Colognes main shopping street. As I said, I'm 201 cm tall (w/o heels) and after entering the street I was 'the eyecatcher'. Overtopping everybody nearly all people looked, no, stared at me. And there were hundrets of them. I whished I was miles away. And now imagine me walking there in 6" heels... That's my biggest - fear next to meeting people knowing me. So entering a special store/shop with few people isn't far as bad as corwds to me. I could react on them: talking, explaining, discussing. For me it's far easier to get on with catching the eyes of single persons than of a mass. I'll take it: Shall I ever come to London, I'll give you a call and we're going to Debenhams together!
  9. HighHeeler

    How Long .....

    While being without heels for years I'll go insane not wearing my new heels for a single day at them moment! As I said: A kind of over-compensation. This is going much farer than wanted, actually I'll managed to drive my car wearing my 6" stiletto heels.
  10. HighHeeler

    Welcome to heels for men HighHeeler

    Hello again, I know exactly what you mean. I think I'm a bit of over-compensating ath the moment, too. But walking in high heels feels so wonderfull I forget the rest of the world sometimes. Don't want to have them taken off ever again! Today was one of these days. My urge for wearing my heels got so strong it wiped out all concerns (ugh, very bad english). I had to do something - and I did it! I drove to an erotic-shop assuming they're more tolerant than others and walked in on my heels. OK, a man, in mans dressing (trousers, shirt and jacket) and - 6" high heels. First a saw a male clerk saying 'hello', not recognizing my heels - or at least very good in not showing :-( After a few seconds a female clerk went around the corner. Saying hello, looking up into my face (I'm about 200 cm tall without heels). Astonished about my size her eyes moved downward until recognizing me standing there in high heels. Here eyes grew a little bit but no comment, no smirk. Looking aroud the shop I saw we were the only people there. As I walked arounf the shop the sound of my heels clapping on the floor was the only sound. It felt amazing and frightening at the same time! When I walked out of the shop both said 'Good Bye' and yet without any sign of amusement, rejection or any other negative reaction. I was very surprised by this and wished there were more people afterwards.
  11. HighHeeler

    Welcome to heels for men HighHeeler

    Hello all. Many thanks for your welcomes But first of all I've to apologize for telling you wrong size of my heels. Pleasers Domina 420 is about 6" heigh not 7" - wrong calculation from Europeans 15cm :-( Ohh internet - I love it 8-| ;-) As from my point of view Germany is far away from being liberal in these things yet. It's a very conservative country especially in the countryside (Eifel) where I live. Here are many small towns, the one I live in has about 250 inhabitants. Wearing high heels as man is a very big No-No in front of people knowing you :'-( You'll become a disregarded person 'cause you don't fit in the 'structures of normality'. OK, living in big cities like Frankfurt, Berlin or Cologne would make things easier - especially Cologne. These cities are very liberal. About the Clubs: Yes, there are Clubs around, but very view with even less people visiting them - compared to all Germans. But as with people knowing you but shouldn't know you visiting such Clubs you've to travel far away from your home. You see, Germany is not so liberal as shown in the internet... Yeah, I like to see my wife in heels very much. She wears them rare enough to my mind but I don't and won't browbeat her. Fortunately she's not against me wearing high heeled boots but as she said: 'If I like it...'. And she doesn't know about my pumps yet... I wouldn't say the enthusiasm isn't shared any longer - it's more that we couldn't get time for it. or in one word: Children. Ours are 3 and 5 years old and consume most of time. Me wearing high heels in front of them is a No-Go shared by my wife and me. And at night, when they're asleep, walking in heels will wake them (we tried this in the beginning). Also we're often tired from daily work and have to get up early in the morning so we enjoy the few hours of being together. But the pressure of me wanting to walk in high heels grew stronger and stronger and I don't have an alternative to walking alone on lonesome roads at the moment...
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm a 40 years old high heel lover from Germany. Surfing the internet for encouragement wearing high heels as men I came across this forum. Reading some articles made me feel 'at home' at once Addicted to high heels from the very first of my thinking I wore my mothers shoes (2") as a child. After a long period of emptiness and longing I got my first own heels two years ago - aided by my wife! She got her new Boots (Pleaser Seduce 4002) and felt so comfortable and was enthusiastic I wanted to get the same feeling. She ordered a second pair of same boots with my size and made me wearing them. What should I say - my first 5" stiletto high heels A long time 'til then with not wearing the boots 'cause of the children and descending interest of my wife seeing me in high heels So I decided to wear high heels in my secret privacy. Last Christmas I ordered a pair of Pleasers Domina 420 classic 7" stiletto high heels. Wearing them after work for some short secret walks on lonesome streets makes me happy again. They looked very high at the beginning but I was astonished how fast my feet adept to the pleasing 7". Wishing I could wear my heels every day! cu HighHeeler BTW: Sorry for my bad English