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    I have a pair with the thinner 110mm heels. I am wearing them now. Absolutely fine when you are used to walking in them. I like them because I can slip them on and off easily (not that I slip them off very often). Bought them from New Look, but have been out of stock for about a year
  2. I have also tried heels on in Brantano. Recently went in and the assistants (3) were stocktaking with their table set up in the ladies size 8 area, just where I wanted to be. I was looking at some ankle boots and took a pair and went to a seat near their table to try them on, they were too small. The older of the assistants said that she would look in the stockroom for a larger size. She came back with 2 styles in a size 10. One pair was too large and the other fitted well. I put them on and took a walk around the store. The same assistant came up to me and said that the boots looked good and commented on how well I walked in them and called the other two assistants over to come and see.They were all complimentary about the look and how well I walled in them. Usually it is me admiring females in heels, a pleasant experience to be admired wearing heels by three females.
  3. heely


    Just discovered and joined this site. Like the discussions, hope to be posting soon.
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