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  1. Hello, I have just joined today and am trying to catch up on all the posts but i am having a hard time reading them. I would like to read the post starting at the original post at the top and then each subsequent post following on from that reading down the page ie. original post second post third post forth post ... latest post if i choose the 'standard' setting in my profile it reads as last post ... forth post third post second post original post linear + reads as original post last post ... forth post third post second post and outline i can't even work out. i am using firefox with ubuntu standard linear + outline am I missing a setting, is it my computer setup or is something not right? it is really hard to read at the moment as i have to go to the end of the page and read up (scrolling in between each post if it doesn't fit on the screen), if there is anything i can do i would appreciate it thanks