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  1. Had an adventure while "heeling" in a pair of slingback heels. Found a beautiful pair of black medium heel slings at a thrift store, that fit me perfectly. They fit so well that it wasn't even necessary to adjust the back straps. Had to wear them in the park to try them out, with a pair of gray slacks and a cardigan. My slacks usually stop just above the tops of my shoes Walking in them felt fantastic, very comfortable. While walking I thought the left strap seemed as it was getting a little loose. I didn't think much about it, until the strap started slipping down my heel. Wondered what was happening and the strap came completely unbuckled. Oh no! I limped to a bench and fastened the buckle. As I started off again, the strap started working loose again, and came unfasted once more. I buckled in back up and started back toward the park entrance and it kept coming undone all the way back to my car. Scary feeling walking with an unfastened slilngback. My shoe repair guy said that part of the little pin that goes through the strap had broken off. Following a repair, I've tried the shoes around the house and they seem fine now. Guess I'll try them outside again once I get my nerve back. Quite an adventure.
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