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  1. I have been wearing heels to work, on and off for a couple months now. I have been really happy with the response to them. I just transferred into this area shortly before I started wearing heels and they have certainly been a good conversation starter. :-) Overall, I've found that comments on my heels in public have been positive about 90% of the time.
  2. So, I ran out of socks the other day and the only office-appropriate shoes I had (men or women) were these. I wore them and got a very positive reaction. So, I guess red pumps are on the table, LoL... I still prefer other styles, but who can deny that red is awesome! :-)
  3. My wife is very supportive. She insisted I get the shiny 2.5" heels above...which ended up being the first ones I wore out to work and a mainstay in my rotation. My daughters are too young to have much of an opinion, and I hope my doing this means they remain open-minded view in the future.
  4. I'm really lucky to have my wife. She is very supportive and all around awesome! :-)
  5. Here are the two pairs of heels I wear most often (see next two posts). I'm looking to add some heeled sandals to the rotation. I love the Oxford heels, as they are essentially a male style with heels. I have a pair of red pumps, but they don't really interest me. I seem to prefer styles that are almost male (in a sense). Though, to be honest, I find the idea of some styles abeing male and others being female to be a bit ridiculous. It doesn't matter what your anatomy is...we all have feet.
  6. Hi All, I only recently found this site, but it has helped me to see that there are other guys out there that enjoy wearing heels. I have four pairs now (3 of which I started wearing regularly the week before last). I wear them to work and with my wife and daughters, but friends and extended family do not know yet. I like women's heels in general, but love what they do for my posture and reminding me that I can do anything I put my mind to (and to not worry about what others may think). -YP
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