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    My ankle boots have 3.5” Cuban heels. I didn’t really notice any difference at all. Because the ball of my foot rests flat on the pedals there was no observable difference in angle. Its a good thing I am old school with my bicycles - all flat pedals, no clipless, so I can wear any type of shoe, boot or sandal I please.
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    I'm glad you were able to get your discount on the size 13s. Hopefully the fit will be just as good around the ankle and calf. Thiat one of the thigs I like so much about my black suede otk boots - being custom made the fit is absolutely perfect there. Hpoefully you'll get some nice opportunities to wear them. We're coming into autumn...
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    Think I was just clutching at straws. Managed a proper try on this afternoon, and initial thoughts were confirmed. Right foot fitted, but left was just a little too tight. If they were real suede, then I’d chance that they’d stretch. The quality of the material is ok, but I think because of the construction of the toe and back of the heel, there’s not much give. It felt as if I might end up distorting the angle of the heel by forcing my foot in. I couldn’t go far, as I was essentially in a fitting room, but even in a small space they felt comfortable to walk in. I’ve returned the UK12 and have re-ordered a UK13. Hopefully there won’t be too much difference in the width because they really did fit well around my feet and calves; a really snug fit. I did email customer services, as recommended, but still waiting on a reply. It seems a change of email was enough to convince them I was a new customer, despite all other details remaining the same. I should have them by Thursday.
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    I wear my otk boots with skinny jeans. There’s really no other practical way. Trying to wear jeans over the boots would be simply too much hassle. And probably look bulky and uncomfortable. And what’s the point of having otk boots concealed beneath jeans.
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    I think the otk boots won’t disappoint! It really is interesting how suddenly they’re making high heeled boots in larger sizes. I’m especially pleased about ankle boots as they just seem to wearable and sporty.

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