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    Due to a mishap with my desktop.ini file, I have lost my instant access to the site, so daily (or more frequent) visits have not happened for some weeks. Also, I started a job that is keeping much busier than expected. I am getting home mid-evening, eating my main meal of the day, and just about passing out. (Falling asleep straight after din-dins.) I am not built for hard work, and I'm not doing a desk job. It's nice to have more regular money and so much of it, but it really is: 'all work and no play'. I'm sure many others will understand that position, but I've managed to avoid it for some 15 or so years. My luck was bound to run out sooner or later. The only real downside, is that the slow work on Fortress Freddy, has almost ground to a halt. Mrs Freddy says it's good to seen me with a 'proper' job (meaning one that might appear to have regular hours), and with the money I'm getting 'shouldn't we pay trades to finish off work?' Well, when I find some that do quality work, then yes. Until then, I'll have to find a balance of work/work and home/work. Another solution would be 30 hours in every day. That would sort it. Was over Milton Keynes recently. (Delivered something I sold on Evilbay.) Popped into the shopping area for a short visit, and saw a fairly glamorous girl wearing some black high heeled ankle boots from Office I had nearly succumbed to several times. (Picture to follow.) P.S. The fella in that video, looks like he could barely walk, much less in heels. I'm guessing too much 'Dutch courage'?

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