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  2. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Now that is very nice! Well paired with the top and looking stylish.
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  4. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

  5. I actually quite like them and the rest of that package
  6. Last week
  7. Indeed - and if she sat in my late granny's armchair, she would disappear.
  8. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Sorry, but there is nothing about that outfit that I like. She is quite a pretty girl but lets herself down as soon as she opens her mouth - or puts on clothes like these.
  9. Yes. Coloured up (featured) one or the other. To do both, makes it look like she's wearing wallpaper.
  10. No, not terribly discrete. And having gone for wild splashy colour on the boots, the sensible thing would have been something neutral and solid on top.
  11. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Very nice except for the bikini top. With PVSs and shiny leggings, less is more should be the rule. Accent and counterpoint, a hint of naughty leavened by a good dose of nice.
  12. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    That really works well with the jumper. A nice counterpoint.
  13. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    The lovely Alesha Dixon .... "Local" girl .... Who usually turns out a little more demurely than this.
  14. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Proper shiny, one of the Baldwins...
  15. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Indeed. Very classy!
  16. Man Heels? Boot With Hidden Heel.

    There is still a supplier with size 8 in black. What is the fit like?
  17. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    The very lovely, Cindy Crawford.
  18. Man Heels? Boot With Hidden Heel.

    Sorry, I haven't been online for a while. Those are the ones I have, plus a spare pair. Perhaps I should order another pair just to make sure, while they're still around. I saw some brown ones in an 8 but not black. I've cut the bottom strap off mine.
  19. Nice heel, but far from discreet:
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  21. Legs-it Headline

    Another step closer to Brexit, achieved last night despite efforts from the dissenters. It would seem the Labour Party is now as close to being a Marxist organisation as it has ever been. The media is currently reporting it wants to use an illegal cross-industry "General Strike" to attempt a downfall of the current government. Obviously, Marxists only want to use the ballot box, when they win when using it. Losing, at the ballot box, means circumventing democracy to cause general unrest and division. I have fairly strong socialist inclinations, but my attitude toward democracy trumps any interest I have in socialism. I am unsure how this situation will all pan out, but there is a growing consensus even amongst the Remainers (widely reported after recent polls) that we should leave the EU. It's almost advertised by the main dissenting party as "the third way", since the dissenters have finally recognised that immigration may be one of the main drivers of the Leave campaign. (Who knew?) The suggestion for the 'third way' is that immigration might be restricted, and the UK stay part of the EU Single Market. Thing is, Merkel and her Commissar's sorry Commissioners, have said "free movement of people" is not negotiable. It's a fundamental part of the membership criteria for access to the Single Market. So put bluntly, there is no third way. Odd thing I found out a couple of days ago, the UK had the option of restricting immigration for 7 years after the old Soviet Bloc countries joined the EU. Most of the other member states took up that option, including Germany. The UK did not, which (seemingly) surprised many. At the time, the government of the day said the numbers that came here would not be significant .... Liars. "They" (Blair) is the author of Brexit, since it was his government that did not take up the restrictions, and allowed unfettered immigration, while at the same time reduced the funding to the NHS, schools, and other infrastructure that newcomers would need when they arrived. With no new housing plan for example, where were 2M newcomers to live? Rents have doubled, property prices have done the same. Why? Demand, with little or no new supply. Same with schools. While much of Brexit will not undo the current shortfall in infrastructure, at least the tide of newcomers might be slowed down. Many of us hope.....
  22. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Nice style
  23. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    We've seen this style before, but hopefully not on the same person ...
  24. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    I like my £55 Topshop ones a million times better...
  25. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    £500 PVC trousers ...
  26. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Ah, back on track again. I was expecting a photo soon. Very stylish. I must say the soles on those sneakers are rather cumbersome, but overall a very tasteful look.
  27. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Daywear - shiny leggings.
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