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  2. Hi all

    I can certainly see your point - both as to the extra work it would take to clean up threads that had strayed too far and for too log, and for not wanting the forums to pop up on search results for CD/TV topics. I shall bear that in mind and act accordingly! Better safe than sorry Cheers!
  3. Any Good New Years Resolutions?

    I included getting to know stilettos in my New Years' resolutions and have done well so far, although I'm a long way from catwalk grace, I daresay. I have two pair and wear them five days week around my office. Becoming quite used to the idea - physically, mentally and emotionally - of wearing stilettos every day, and like it.
  4. Something special

    I expect she'll be back to her favourite footwear soon..
  5. Hi all

    lol, takea chill pill guys, fist fight scheduled for next week... Seriously though, dont thin of the "Report this post" as some sort of burden. Think of it the other way round, like this... "Does Tech need the burden of having to clean up 20 threads that went off topic and cost and cost him hours of having to patch things up with Google adsense and, more importantly, we do not want to be showing up in search results for CD/TV topics. Like I explain to everybody.. I rather a quick note (Report) and a quick fix than to uncover a total shitstorm 6 months down the line. Then i get pissed off at "Why the hell didnt anybody report this" Seriously, if it makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you want to avoid it, tell me, and tell me asap... We're all on the same page here..
  6. Hi all

    Oh my - what an active thread this has turned out to be! And to think that I missed all the action for almost the whole week!
  7. Something special

    Oops. Wasn't aware of this development. It always seemed like 5 inch heels were the LOWEST heels she wears. It's like she's always walking around tiptoe.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Any Good New Years Resolutions?

    About 10 days ago, I decided a good start to 2018 (despite it being mid-February at the time) would be to promise myself an hour a day in heels. The notion was it would 'keep my ankles supple", and give me some much needed exercise. Days achieved so far ..... 1.
  10. Something special

    Ummm. no longer I fear .... Rumour was, she'd had a bunion repaired/straightened, but that's been denied. Full article >> here << Apparently, it's a "stress fracture". Being the Daily Mail, the article could be completely made up though.
  11. Something special

    If you want to research someone else who is always tipping around in ridiculously high heels, look no further than Victoria Beckham. One example....
  12. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Todays portrait gig went okay - ish. I got the pictures I was after anyway, though I would have preferred more in focus. Too much laughing had people moving around, and light levels meant slow shutter speeds and largish apertures. My Nikon lens and MFT sensor was good enough to count eyelashes and open pores on noses if did my bit. More light would have had even more detail visible, as I could have used slightly smaller apertures and had greater depth of field. Ho-hum. Despite (everyone) being told to wear plain dark tops, two men had large logo's on their T-shorts, one women had a multi-coloured top and the remaining woman and girl had check shirts on. The latter hadn't washed her hair either, and taking a photo of her would not have worked. (It would have looked so bad I would not have been given a second attempt.) Although it was all good-hearted and everyone helped holding onto the background and hair rim light source (a torch), everyone complained about holding these in the air. I have everything needed to remedy this (full studio background system) but it wasn't worth taking it all for what was supposed to be a short session. My priority is acquiring at least one electronic light source compatible with my digital camera. Money money money.
  13. Something special

    Not Celine, but these looked so high I thought they warranted being shown here:
  14. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Well, you are entitled to your view. Having done the things he has done, he is no lover of women. It's like saying a rapist likes women - of course he does, in the same way a great white likes seals. He treats women as chattels with less respect than most would show an old pair of trousers. He's an egotistic bigot, with delusion of grandeur with narcissism in every fibre of his body. Yes he 'fancies' women, I didn't suggest there was anything wrong with his ability to get sexually aroused. The difference between him and most other men, is that he believes his (assumed wealth) should have women walking naked toward him at every chance they have.
  15. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    He’s a boor and a narcissist, he’s not a misogynist. He quite fancies women, and thinks they ought to fancy him.
  16. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Goodo. You do know you live in Britain don't you, where people are much too polite to comment on anything that might cause offence? This is especially true of people who might meet you again (but isn't exclusive to them.) Wear them in front of children (4-6 years) because they aren't aware of social etiquette and comments just fall from their lips.
  17. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    And I think he qualifies. No-one could be as disrespectful as he has been, and not been a misogynist, which is why I used the term.
  18. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    All fine. On our way home. No comments on my boots!
  19. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Misogyny - or misogynist - are much misused words these days. It means a dislike or loathing of women, or someone who dislikes or despises women. Nowadays it has been reduced to a catch-all term to describe anybody who is sexist or chauvinist.
  20. Creative Photography

    Rumours about me being a lizard (care of David Icke) are completely unfounded ..... 'croak'.
  21. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    From most women, I would have thought it most likely produced the same result? At least now he's been 'outed' as something of a misogynistic sex-pest. Safe journey, and take care.
  22. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Maybe it was a pirated bottle of perfume with a misspelled label that should have read Trump.
  23. Creative Photography

    I believe your skin looks green to most people!
  24. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Indeed. I was familiar with the song, which is well-known, but as the use of the word 'tramp' as a somewhat pejorative female label is (or was) quite widespread - think 1940s/50s 'gangster' films - I am still a little surprised that it should convey a good image for a perfume, at least in the US. Tell an American woman that she looks (or smells) like a tramp and wait for the reaction!
  25. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    I'm on my way, and wearing my block heel boots. Now for the test! It's below zero here but the roads seem fine.
  26. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    It has edgy undertones, sure, but if you listen to the lyrics in the song she's more 'sporty' and individualistic than sleazy, less inclined to follow the etiquette of high society and so she is regarded (by these stuck-up snobs) as 'a Tramp'. It was originally from a musical in the 1930s, Babes in Arms.
  27. Last week
  28. Creative Photography

    I hope you are right. In these situations, I'm usually given a square metre of space in some dark corner. There is a conservatory, but it's more of a greenhouse really, and unheated. I have visions of teeth chattering, and skin tones gradually turning bluer - including mine. Worst case scenario, I have to do them again when it's warmer.
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