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  2. Well, they're here. They're a little snug, fit-wise, but not uncomfortably so. I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to make the files fit. I can't get the site to accept my photos at the moment.
  3. Golly, a UK size 46 would be impressive. Not a fan of square toes either but it is nice to see a new producer
  4. I have just come across this website: https://www.rokeratelier.com/shop-mens-heels I had never heard of this designer but it is interesting to see that it offers several styles of men's boots with heels, in sizes up to UK46. The price is obviously going to limit their market but it is nevertheless an interesting venture. I don't find the styles particularly appealing - the chunky square toes are offputting - but the 'Hillary' boot has a certain sleekness.
  5. ASOS has for some time been selling various styles of men's boots with heels. A few of them have a nicely shaped modest cuban heel but a new introduction is pictured below and can be seen at https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-heeled-chelsea-boots-with-pointed-toe-in-black-leather-with-black-sole/prd/14179943?colourwayid=16597421&SearchQuery=&cid=5774. It has a leather upper, a sleek pointed toe with a centre seam and a block heel that looks close to 3". Available in sizes up to UK13 (great!) and currently priced at £65.00 (although discount codes are often available). Certainly a step in the right direction and I am tempted! As a style note, I'm not sure if the boots should be worn with rolled-up trousers (as in the pic), which would certainly reveal the boots to everyone. Is that an ultra-casual look reserved for young men or the real way to go for all?
  6. Well these boots certainly look nice! Good luck with them
  7. I'm very curious to see how they turn out. I have had good and not-so-good experiences with Chinese-made boots. Sometimes the quality is great, sometimes it's............ lacking.
  8. Yes, those are very nice looking boots. With one exception, I have chunky heels on all of my boots - they are wearable, comfortable and when worn with jeans and a jumper present a solid look that is unexceptional - in the right way - and just blends in. I'm not a fan of anything made in China - for lost of reasons, quality and inconsistency being but two of them.
  9. They look good! Please let us have a link, and tell us what size you ordered and (when you get them) the exact heel height and how well they fit etc. It seems to me that most of the Chinese suppliers have a very poor idea of UK sizing (at least) as the stated length of a shoe is invariably less than what the claimed size number would measure. A year or so ago I bought a pair of flat sandals (from China through Amazon) that are a good fit on me (normally Eu45) but I had to order Eu52 to get the right length, which was crazy!
  10. Have a pair of these on the way from AliExpress. It's been kind of hit or miss with AliExpress in the past, but they have a big selection oh high heeled boots in large sizes. Never done the chunky heel thing before, so I thought I would give it a try.
  11. My primary hobby is Home Cinema, has been for years, of course heels come a close second, lets be blunt it's cross-dressing really. I've been shopping with my Wife for clothes and shoes, I've even been shopping for clothes and lingerie with her Mother, both accept me for who I am and what I do but neither take part in anything, that's fine with me. There's no need to be embarrassed buying female designated clothing, it's a case of thinking too much into what you are doing and that creates the embarrassment .
  12. You make too much of a simple transaction and exchange of pleasantries! The cashier's attitude was one of mild surprise and curiosity (as one might well expect) but when I did, in effect, say that the sandals were for me by stating that they were for party wear (which wasn't far from the truth), my legitimate reason satisfied both parties. A blunt statement that they were for me to wear, or no statement at all, would in the circumstances have appeared rude and likely created some negative impression of me.
  13. Welcome HB. What else do you get up to? Any hobbies mate?
  14. I guess I meant, why make up a story? Just say they’re for you. It isn’t just a choice of fabricating an excuse to buy a pair of heels, or being remote and secretive. As you say, she gave you a conspiratorial smile. You could have smiled right back and said Yup! Who knows where the conversation would have gone. Maybe nothing more than another smile, but you could have swanned out of the shop , with your parcel tucked under your arm, as though you owned the place.
  15. Why not comment? The cashier was pleasant and mildly amused rather than amazed and it seemed sensible to me to make light of the issue rather than appear remote and secretive. And I might well have visited the shop again (as indeed I did). If she had been a miserable old bat or made some disparaging remark, I can assure you that I would have put her in her place.
  16. I keep mine in my wardrobe - I don't have many - half a dozen pairs - but since they are tall boots (and a large size) they take up a fair bit of room!
  17. Why explain? Leave her wondering. You'll never see her again and anyway, it's none of her business.
  18. Funnily enough, although I am usually a UK11 or 12, I had a similar experience in Brantano almost 10 years ago, when it did sell a limited range of women's shoes in UK11. I spotted a rather nice pair of heeled sandals in UK11 on sale at a really low clearance price and did not hesitate to buy them, out of curiosity as much as anything. The cashier gave me a conspiratorial smile when she saw what I had selected but seemed to accept my explanation of them being for a 'vicars and tarts party' costume (and why not?). You are lucky, hunnybun, in being just that bit smaller with a UK10. ASOS for one has had some very wearable boots (amongst other styles) in sizes to UK10 but even the wide fitting is just too small for me. One day, perhaps ...
  19. It certainly had possibilities, that scene. I take an UK11.5 or 12 so that is never going to happen with me. I am fortunate enough to have a couple of pair of very nice understated custom boots which fit wonderfully
  20. Hi Shyheels, the shoes are usually in boxes on the shelves, I just took the box to the counter as normal, I should have struck up a conversation or something.
  21. That does sound funny - was she not aware that you'd selected a pair of heels? Trying on in store is simply not an option for me - they simply would never have anything big enough.
  22. Thanks guys, I take a 10 uk, not always easy to find reasonably priced heels that are pretty, I've sold many pairs on Ebay, including some extreme heeled Giaro shoes, possibly one of my many regrets. Never tried on any heels in-store though, a salesgirl in Brantano asked me if I wanted to try the shoes on, when she opened the box she turned crimson, quite funny that episode.
  23. Hello! Nice to see someone new on the forum!
  24. Bought 3 pairs from Ebay last week. This is the first pair that came in the post. Going start to use my phone to take photos from now. So this is a test to see how well it works out. I also bought a tripod to mount the phone with a remote so I can take photos of me wearing heels. I should be able to do better photos now
  25. Nice courts. I'm guessing from the retailers you mention that you have a fairly large foot. What size are you, hunnybun?
  26. Thanks for showing some of your collection. I have over 80 pairs.
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