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  2. Nice courts. I'm guessing from the retailers you mention that you have a fairly large foot. What size are you, hunnybun?
  3. Thanks for showing some of your collection. I have over 80 pairs.
  4. I store all my shoes in shoe boxes, believe me they take up a lot of wardrobe space, underbed space, in fact any space in the bedroom seems to have shoes allocated to it.
  5. I really like these heels at the moment, but tastes change often
  6. Hi Guys, not really sure what to tell you, I've got a good collection of heels, varying heel heights and styles, some sandals and boots, I tend to wear flats around the house. I buy a lot of shoes from Asos, I have used Deichman, Brantano and La Redoute in the past, kinda dabbled with JustFab, tend to get a wee bit expensive when you're a heels addict. Here's a few pics, believe me this is a small part of the collection. H.
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  8. Hello. Please tell us more about your collection.
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  10. Welcome! It would be good if you would tell us more about yourself, your preferences and your collection.
  11. Hi everyone, long time heels addict, I've bought, sold, bought and sold so many times and still have a large collection. Hope to converse with like-minded folks on here. Take care, stay safe. H.
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  13. I do not think there will be any reviving this forum. I’ve tried, but it’s no good. Fruitless. Doesn’t work.
  14. I think you're right, alas. If so, someone who might well have given this forum a much-needed lift (no pun intended) has been lost to us.
  15. I suspect that if his post didn’t even appear for two months, let alone be responded to, he’s probably gone by now.
  16. I'm puzzled as to why this post dated 25 Feb has only just appeared on the board. But, no matter, your opening contribution is most welcome! Perhaps you will tell us a little more about yourself and your family, e.g. your age group and that of your stepson. You say that your wife loves you wearing heels and that you 'have to wear them every day'. That suggests an element of 'control' - is that truly the case? Do you wear heels for work as well as play, and are they only cowboy-style boots? Maybe we could see some pictures?
  17. I bought a pair of high heels from the wish web site a couple of weeks ago. Should of been delivered yesterday but not recieved them and is showing that my heels have been delivered. Well they not been delivered. Just tried to contact support and its all automated, There is no option for me to say I have not recieved my item but the website saying they been delivered. All I,m getting that the item is on its way but it the website is showing my item has been delivered.
  18. You and me both! But court shoes quite similar to those - pointed or almond toe and properly-shaped and positioned stiletto heels of 4" - 4.5" - are still quite frequently seen on TV. Several presenters and newsreaders on British TV wear them, for example. Makes all the virus doom-and-gloom go away briefly when they come on! Here is Louise Minchin on breakfast programme:
  19. Puffer, I sure do miss seeing the ladies in heels of that type. The classic cut in my opinion.
  20. I have a pair of Badgley Mischka Pettal, which is my favourite.
  21. We much prefer it. But then we've been doing this for quite some time anyway and have pair for a year's delivery anyway. My wife has an essential job - she sources PPE for various emergency services.
  22. Oh dear! We are close to having the sort of 'I lived in a cardboard box and survived on a bowl of warm gravel every fortnight' type of one-upmanship! (But that might be fun ...!) To clarify my earlier comment, there is nothing wrong with getting groceries delivered, if that is one's preference (or need). I prefer not to (unless it becomes unavoidable because of isolation etc) and would not wish to deprive those in need of a delivery slot, which I gather are hard to come by. I have three doctors and other NHS staff as near neighbours and they have greater need than most of us.
  23. I have my butler go on line and order - or rather he tells the housekeeper who instructs the senior footman and the senior footman instructs the junior footman. Specify no substitutions. It's beluga or its nothing. The groceries are delivered to the gatekeepers house and he informs the chauffeur who comes down to collect it and make the long drive back up to the main house, dropping it off at the servant's entrance, by the rear garden, where the sous chef sees to the storage and putting away. Or so they tell me. I've not enquired further, just so its done...
  24. Delivery services scarcely necessary when several supermarkets within reach, not all of which deliver anyway. And I wouldn't be sure of getting what I wanted (too many substitutions etc), quite apart from the extra cost. I don't dislike grocery shopping (pre-virus, anyway), often with opportunities for bagging bargains. If I'm too busy, I send my butler.
  25. Why would you not use the delivery services? We use them regularly, and did before the Coronavirus outbreak, and have found them to be a great convenience and, in the lockdown, a great way to avoid mingling. I am quite certain that the only risk I have taken since this began was my trip to Asda. My only other outings, on my bicycle rides, all take place long before dawn on empty country lanes.
  26. My experience in local supermarkets has been generally positive in the 4 or 5 visits I've made in the last fortnight. The small Tesco nearby had an orderly queue outside when necessary and controlled entry. It is obviously almost impossible for people to browse, select items and walk around without at times passing briefly closer to others than 2m, especially where aisles are fairly narrow, but I detected no blatant disregard of the precautions; people did their best. Some of the checkouts had been disabled to give greater separation, although no screens had yet been fitted. The Aldi I also use was easier to navigate safely (wider aisles and less-cramped checkouts) and, here again, entry was being 'controlled' effectively. Both stores had sanitiser or soapy solution to permit trolleys, baskets and hands to be cleaned, and most people were using them. I have no intention of using delivery services (even if available, which is doubtful) unless this becomes unavoidable. At least the fine weather allows (indeed encourages) some work and a little relaxation in the garden, which largely makes up for 'outings' being restricted to a combined newspaper/grocery shop and walk locally.
  27. My work has dried up big time - no possibility of assignments with international travel locked down. We get our food delivered mostly. I had to go out to our local Asda yesterday and it was a zoo. Nobody paying the least attention to maintaining distance and separation, neither shoppers nor staff. It was like nobody cared or believed any of it. I am luck as far as exercise goes as I can go out in the lanes on my bike - which I do. It is the only outing I make, except for my one shopping trip yesterday. So far staying healthy.
  28. I thought I show two of my classic black courtspairs
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