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  2. I have two 'ticketed' gigs lined up so far this year. One local, early start so no heels there. Second one, back to a venue I previously said I would not return to. It's been 3 years, and a lot of water has passed under the bridge.... This time I hope to manage things a bit better, so "cock-ups" are avoided. I plan to wear court shoes again. I'm really tempted to wear red patent courts, but this might be a bit too much.
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  4. If you aren't overly keen on dry wines .... this might be worth a try: Widely available, for £6.50 a bottle, or £5.50 on promotion. (Which it currently is.) This is quite nice too. Quite sweet, and £8 for a 50cl bottle. I tend to have 20mm in a highball, topped up with cold lemonade, and ice (if I've made some.)
  5. I am beside myself. Darcey Bussell has left Strictly.
  6. It's Monday so, one of my 'post' days .... Another function missing from the Canon the Lumix has, is in-body focus stacking. (Merging multiple images.) Here's the thing, the Lumix is a camera made for the user. The Canon is a camera made for taking pictures. I like using the Lumix, the Canon, not so much. That said.... I did a shoot in February using the Canon and strobe lighting in a studio type environment. The image quality far surpasses that of the Lumix, which might not surprise too many people given the file size is 50% larger. Better yet, with promotional offers, and makers cash-backs, the Canon was actually cheaper than the Lumix. So better quality images, for less money. The images produced so good on the Canon, I can count eyelashes on the sitter. Unless I or the sitter wanted a substantially large print, I would think a larger file size would be superfluous. Yet I pine for better. I am crazy for sure. Currently on my wish list, a used Sony A7Rii (circa £1300) with a £600 - £900 85/90/100 mm prime lens. Why? Because I do. I've a friend who today, spent £5k on an E-bike. That doesn't seem so weird, or unusual, except that only a month ago, he spent £5k on a similar "top spec" (works carbon) mountain bike, he may now never ride. Two or three years ago, he spent £2.5k on a road bike, I'm pretty sure he hasn't used much. Compared to my wealthy mate, I am a novice.
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  8. It is, I think, and for dummies like me - it works. Not often, but it has happened, where the headline mentions 'sky high heels'..... And then doesn't show a picture of the heel.
  9. In point of fact US surveys show that reading is rising especially among millennials - with print proving more popular than digital. You may not read - I gather you don’t - but many people do. Most, in fact. And Puffer is quite right - few employers are looking for Jack the Lad types.
  10. Yes it does. Exactly the attitude that keeps this site 'ultra niche'. If you want to build an attractive place in the cyber world for people to 'meet and greet', you surely don't want to encourage singular activity which by it's very nature, would exclude them from here? Obviously you do, but is it working? I think not. As for the quoted comment regarding book reading is on the increase - joke surely? Book reading is not on the increase in the Western world.
  11. Interesting thoughts, Freddy, but I can't say I agree with all of them. Maybe a more considered response later - no time at present. I do however disagree about your 'CV' advice. Absolutely nothing wrong with solitary pursuits, nor are they necessarily damaging (and scarcely fatal) to a prospective career. Not everyone is required to be 'Jack the lad' in terms of team-playing; skill and attention to detail demonstrated in a constructive or intellectual pastime may be highly desirable. (When recruiting, I was always wary of those whose interests were primarily sporting or social, for much this reason.) Quite so. The world does not revolve around screens and push-buttons, despite the attempts of many. (Perhaps thery are too busy 'team-playing' rather than developing constructive skills and proper communicative ability - see above.)
  12. Few people read books? Perhaps in your world. In the broader world book sales are actually booming.
  13. It would appear, my verbose mutterings (welcome or not) at least make a contribution in keeping the place ticking over. Nothing written here for over 3 weeks, it looks like. Obviously, no other active member is a frustrated author (or someone without a life.) I think men looking at men wearing women's clothing must be a lot more entertaining than we are led to believe, or this site would be a lot busier having attracted HHp members over? Not that I have a view either way ..... Actually, I do have a view.... I don't mind anyone wearing anything, as long as it looks attractive. I have been sent links taken from HHp of slim men wearing women's clothing, that looks just as attractive style-wise, as it might on a woman. (Big 'hurrah'.) To counter that, I have seen women wearing women's clothing, that looked just awful. In some ways it's about making the most of what you "have". Diet and exercise can change the basic starting point. Age can pretty much thwart everything. (I don't mean being over 30, I mean being over ... 50 or 60 perhaps). 'Life', meaning age related "wear and tear" can take a toll. Young skin in a dress, is always going to look better than old skin in a dress. That said, old skin can look good too, it's just a bit harder to get there. I would put old slim over young over-weight any day, when it comes to dressing to be elegant/attractive. Certain shapes, suit (sorry) certain styles. Since stopping full-time work (again), I have put on weight and am currently looking at ways to get my waist-size down. With my sweet-tooth, and capacity to gorge on cake without the feeling of sugar-sickness often felt through over indulgence, it's a hard fight. What doesn't help, is the people around me like to offer 'treats' too frequently. I'm loathe to refuse hospitality, so I indulge. Dunno about about FastFreddy, maybe FatFreddy? The solution is to use the mountain bike I bought last Autumn. Last week I fitted mudguards, and changed the tyres to puncture resistant ones, that want to work given how much they cost. (I've bought cheaper tyres for my car!!!) I have a plan .... So men wearing whatever they like is okay with me. As long as they look 'the part'. Same it true of woman. Who am I to judge? No-one, but I will, just as everyone does. We are programmed (DNA) to judge in the first 3 seconds of initial contact: friend or foe. I have seen things on sites (not just HHp) that don't work for the wearer. In the context of a personal fantasy, anything goes, but publish a look that doesn't 'work' at your own risk. If the active members of this site want to attract members from elsewhere, then there needs to a fundamental shift in what members believe is attractive to prospective new members. While the following will seem a bit caustic, I am making the comments that at worst could be perceived as "tough love". In writing CV's, I have read (and given advice) on what should and shouldn't be included. Two "absolutely never" interests are: reading: needlecraft/painting/going to cinema (for example). Why? because they are all solitary pastimes. When recruiting, you are looking for a team member. Starting a thread about reading books? Surely it needed a film trailer to cross reference? We are a visual culture. Few people read books, few have the time/inclination. Another thread detailing a very old film suggesting the clothing worn in the film depicting a scene over four hundred years ago, would be an attractive notion if those styles returned? There is more chance of powdered wigs returning ... Where was the film trailer, cross-referencing styles in an encyclopedic way? Why were long boots worn then? Living in a cold draughty castle? Riding on horse-back? Neither of those circumstances exist as part of normal life these days, and 'need' is a great driver for clothing. Long boots for men will never return unless there is a global catastrophe. Q: What threads would be interesting/attractive to men who like to wear heels or like looking at heels? What are the 'slam-dunks'? A: Threads about heels. With pictures, video's, articles.... Places to buy, costs, quality. Stories .... Who doesn't like a story? Lets say there are 5 active members here. Pick a day of the week, and write something about heels on that day every week. Pick a day someone else hasn't picked. Tell a story from your past, or a plan of something you expect to do in the near future. Or link an article that has pictures, and give a summary of your thoughts. Absolutely no-one here is too stupid to do these things. Some are a bit 'idle' (like to read rather than contribute) but that might change if the active members lead the way to a righteous path. I'll take Saturday, and at least one other day. Monday maybe. If there is at least one new response every day, there's a longterm reason to keep visiting, and maybe visit every day?
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  15. Tom Cruise is one who, I believe, wears height increasing footwear. The style would obviously depend on the character he is playing, or his own personal taste if he wears them as a regular thing off the set.
  16. Well, not strictly 'high heels' in the sense that we usually refer to them, but height-increasing footwear with a built-up heel are favoured by some men who wish to increase their stature 'discreetly'. (For the avoidance of doubt, I am not one of them; I neither need the height nor like the look of the footwear - or the prices.) By chance, I happened upon this high-end maker of such items, which apparently include boots with a (claimed) five or six-inch rise, e.g. https://www.guidomaggi.com/us/mansfield.html (as pictured below). OK, so some of that rise is clearly in the thick sole, but the internal 'wedge' is by no means trivial, particularly for the shorter man with a smaller foot who would likely be the typical customer. I do wonder how comfortable they are to wear; probably quite stable (given the wide heel-base) but surely rather ungainly? I am not keen on the 'workboot' look; I know it is currently popular but far too heavy for what I would consider any truly casual activity, let alone more formal or dressy occasions.
  17. Love your killer outfit buddy, powerful and confident for sure!
  18. Indeed the self publishing routine on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited is dire. The majority of it is extremely amateurish and poorly edited - if they've had any editing or proofreading at all. There is a much darker side too as described in this feature in the Guardian today https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/mar/28/plagiarism-book-stuffing-clickfarms-the-rotten-side-of-self-publishing I have learned to avoid books that are listed on Kindle Unlimited or anthem that appears self published. It's really a shame because good writers have in the past made their start via the self-publishing route. But nowadays they are all swamped by drivel and distinguishing the oats from the chaff is too big a hassle. I had never read Lynda LaPlante until the other week when I picked up one of her novels on the 99p special deal - Bella Mafia. I quite liked it. I had heard of her, but had never read one of her novels and took advantage of the low price to get acquainted. I like my Kindle Paperwhite very much - it has been a lifesaver on long flights. Now I can take several hundred noels wit me and be certain that I'll have something I like to read with me. David Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars was a boy I had been meaning to read for years now and which I picked up for 99p and enjoyed quite a bit, although the flashbacks became rather trying after a while. I could see the point of them, in the story, but I can't help but think that they could have been reduced in number with a bit more thought given to story structure.
  19. I like to read, especially in bed before bye-byes time! I have a Nook 'Glowlight' e-reader which I find excellent, although it is no longer directly supported in the UK but now under the auspices of Kobo. A wide range of free e-books is available from the public library and from other sources, some free or at nominal cost. I think the system is more flexible than the Amazon/Kindle tie-in. However, there is some very poorly-written material around; I'm guessing it is effectively 'vanity publishing' that has cost the author little or nothing to get into circulation. I also read much in printed books, fiction and non-fiction. For relaxation, I much enjoy Clive Cussler's 'thrillers' and Lynda La Plante's crime novels - ideal for a holiday flight or lazing in a comfy chair somewhere - and look forward to new ones. I also enjoy naval historical fiction; there are several authors whose 'heroes' invariably provide a good read. Likewise, the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell are consistently good; I was prompted to read them after watching the excellent TV dramatisations.
  20. Just thought I would try to generate a bit of discussion on the forum. I’m part way through Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and am enjoying it. It is very imaginative. About the magic of books. I’d not read anything by him before, but picked it up on spec on the 99p special deal for Kindle books Amazon runs each day. They usually put out three books for 99p and I have been using that randomness to broaden my reading list. I don’t buy every day, but when there is a title that looks interesting by an author I’ve not read I snap it up. As a result I’ve got rather a backlog of books to read. Some have proven to be real turkeys despite the illustrious name of the author and others have been real finds.
  21. I think that's a good idea, especially as regards other general topics and friendly exchanges. I certainly favour tall boots without heels, and wear them quite a lot, over skinny jeans. I’ve also taken, lately, to wearing cheerfully coloured Converse All Star sneakers as a means of fun self expression.
  22. Indeed. Let's concentrate on 'men wearing heels as men' as far as possible. But we should not outlaw men wearing other footwear (not necessarily with heels) or ancillary items (jeans, leggings etc) that do not amount to overt cross-dressing. And I see no harm in diversions into other 'blokeish' subjects if they foster some friendly exchanges.
  23. It would be nice to get more activity here. No reason we can’t
  24. I am just into wearing just heels with men’s clothes. That’s why I joined here ( joined the other site as I found that first).
  25. Yes, Not was the word that should have been in there. I have corrected it. I agree - it is great that girls have more openings and are not being pigeonholed but boys need the same latitude and there seems to be little movement in that direction.
  26. I assume you meant '... not a fetish thing ...'? I think you are right about girls, much more than boys, being in the 'genderless' spotlight. All part of the female striving for equality. Nothing wrong with that, if it cuts both ways - but men are still denied much that is supposedly reserved for women, including certain clothing I could mention.
  27. I don't recall any interest in heels when I was young or that much interest in footwear in general, other than a general feeling of being left out because girls could wear interesting boots and boys could not. Then, as now it seemed unfair. It was not a fetish thing or an obsession, just a fashionable wistfulness that manifested itself in the autumn when new boot styles would appear in the high street shop windows and I would realise, ruefully, that all of them were 'forbidden' to me. Although there is much talk of genderless play and toys these days, nearly all of that is about making certain that girls do not feel obligated to stick to pink and girly toys, but feel free to explore their inner selves. Boys are still overwhelmingly directed to boys toys.
  28. I'm sure most of us can relate to this, either personally or through our offspring. I know that, as a youngster, I admired several female shoe styles - flattish boots and strappy sandals in particular - and coveted the idea of wearing them as a change from ugly, boring conventional 'boys' footwear - although it never happened (then). And the prevailing fashion for stilettos was not lost on me either, although I fully realised that they were, literally, a step too far. I didn't even have the courage to wear men's cuban heels in the 1960s - I had to wait until almost 2010 before I got any. My grandson (3 1/2) is mad on tractors, diggers, cranes, buses, trains and the like. But he also quite often puts on his older sister's frilly tutu, Supergirl outfit or sparkly party dress. It is all part of make-believe and play for them both and has no connotations beyond that, as far as I can tell. However, last time we visited, my wife took off her bootees (3.5" tapered heel) and left them in the hall. Said grandson appeared wearing them shortly after - so there may be hope (or not) for him yet!
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