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  2. Hiya This should be easy to resolve by getting shoes with a different toebox shape. It sounds like you have bought some very narrow or pointy toed shoes? Why not share a picture of them? Your best best would be to find shoes with rounded toeboxes or even a square toebox. Something that matches the shape of your foot better.
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  4. Hello. Bought uk9 heels, 10cm heel height for fun indoors, or a bar at most. I'm 27cm foot length (uk9), and uk7 foot girth (foot circumference around the ball) so I didn't expect a girth problem Problem with girth is they hurt around the toes, they are too squeezed, so that I can barely walk in the house. I also never wore heels before Should I try a bigger size or stick with these until I get used to it, if ever? I can't shop for uk9 except online so that's a bit of a problem, would have to return them and incur a loss Thank you
  5. I have dozens of heels I need to get rid of. Kind of went a little over board through the years. Contact me if interested. Very fair pricing. Mail to US only.
  6. I wear heels like I was born in them. Work, On my motorcycle, walking around town, shopping, going out to dinner with my wife. etc etc.
  7. My next pair of motorcycle riding Boots. Yes pants will be tucked in I think these are soooo cool looking!!! 30eb1894603de6795bdfd1b505fa8b01.webp
  8. Bergintom

    Bergintom HEELS

    An view of my love of heels
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