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  1. My primary hobby is Home Cinema, has been for years, of course heels come a close second, lets be blunt it's cross-dressing really. I've been shopping with my Wife for clothes and shoes, I've even been shopping for clothes and lingerie with her Mother, both accept me for who I am and what I do but neither take part in anything, that's fine with me.

    There's no need to be embarrassed buying female designated clothing, it's a case of thinking too much into what you are doing and that creates the embarrassment .

  2. Thanks guys, I take a 10 uk, not always easy to find reasonably priced heels that are pretty, I've sold many pairs on Ebay, including some extreme heeled Giaro shoes, possibly one of my many regrets. 

    Never tried on any heels in-store though, a salesgirl in Brantano asked me if I wanted to try the shoes on, when she opened the box she turned crimson, quite funny that episode.


  3. Hi Guys, not really sure what to tell you, I've got a good collection of heels, varying heel heights and styles, some sandals and boots, I tend to wear flats around the house.

    I buy a lot of shoes from Asos, I have used Deichman, Brantano and La Redoute in the past, kinda dabbled with JustFab, tend to get a wee bit expensive when you're a heels addict.

    Here's a few pics, believe me this is a small part of the collection.




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