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Walking in the shadows

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Recently found this eminent web site -- hhplace.org. Applied for membership, still waiting....

Today, suddenly I got a  mail, heels for men had me accepted! What a relief, but what is this, a place to stay while waiting for the next step?

I have suffered from dystonia since 1986, now I am 61 and still badly suffering. Not only lack of balance due to the dystonia, but also a tad shy psyco derailed due to that very illness. What keeps me sane is the walks in the mountains, the love of looking feminine, watching movies at home and my dog.

Recently I bought my first serious pair of high heels, them lovely Art model Salzburg, 3" heel. Even at size 41 they still look quite cute and feminine. Point is -- i couldnt walk with them at first - but when I first "mastered" them, a serious joy came upon me, at last a way to get better of that dystonia, I have gotten better balance by wearing high heels!

My next pair was a Tamaris brand mary jane type size 7 platform pumps with a 4" heel. I eventually managed to walk in the living room, but I had to use a cane as support :-)

Greetings from Norway,

Mor Åse

_DSC3915 copy.jpg

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Hello Mor Åse, and welcome. B)

You will doubtless get your membership approved at HHplace quite soon. This isn't the junior version of the main event, but something completely separate. 

Sorry to hear about your dystonia. A quick search on google reveals it's an unpleasant sickness. You have done well to make any progress, much less wearing a heel. B)

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