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Shopping in Amsterdam

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In Amsterdam we have a couple of shops that will sell big ladies shoes.

The http://www.vanharen.nl/NL/nl/shop/welcome.html ( a http://www.deichmann.com/DE/de/shop/welcome.html shop ) sells some , but the quality is not so good.

This is a "regular" shoe store with about 500 models for regular sizes and about 50 models for size 43/44

There is also http://www.stravers-shoes.com/, but again I dislike the quality.

This is a speciality shop for small to large sizes.

I noticed that also a lot of travesites visit this shop.

All my shoes I buy at https://www.bigshoes24.com/.

This is a shop for regular to large sizes (ladies sizes upto 46, I have UK10/EU44).

My latest buys are the following:



This pump I already have for some time and call them my comfort pumps:




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The boots are my favourite, but the shoes are ok too. It's good to have different styles in a shoe collection.

Do you wear them in public or just at home?

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I used to think the same about wearing them in public. But reading about others wearing their heeled boots or shoes in public I started to wear mine.

i wear thicker heeled boots mainly if in public, but have also worn low stiletto heeled boots. I wear them with jeans and shirt.

I used to wear them in my previous office job. But in my new job people don't accept it unfortunately.


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I try to wear a heel as often as possible. Strangely perhaps, I don't wear them at home. I live in what many would consider a building site, with almost no floor covering in most rooms. (Bare floorboards.) While reluctant to take my heels off once after an evening out, I tripped down a split stairway here, breaking a heel and came close to nearly breaking an arm. If it hadn't been a split stairway, a broken arm would have been the least of my worries. Lesson learned....

When I'm out and away from my home town, sometimes socialising sometimes 'shopping', I will wear a heel. I was at Brent Cross recently walking around in a 5" heel. I doubt anyone can wear a heel that high without rolling their hips, nor adequately disguise the sound of a heel hitting the floor with every stride. I walked past the Virgin Media sales stand, and a young woman (very early twenties) gave me a knowing grin as I walked past. Forgetting her location, when I passed her again, another grin. At the time I was unaccompanied, so no-one running interference.  ;) Generally, most people are too busy to notice (or care). I try to avoid groups of young people if possible, and people facing me while they sit.


I was in Amsterdam almost 40 years ago, and it was the first offshore place I ever visited. I had never seen middle-aged people dress well before. It was a pleasant shock. The only Dutch phrase I can still remember is "één zone" for bus travel. :D

While there, I stayed with an ex-girlfriend. Of course a walk around the 'red-light-district' was mandatory. I was around 20, so why not? I left my money with my friend who sat at a cafe while I had a quick scoot around. Good job too, as there was one lady with a dark short bob I really, really fancied. She was stunningly gorgeous. :huh:

It's been quite a while, so the general air of pleasantness may have left. Europe generally, is not as safe as it once was. The only practical reason I'd be reluctant to walk around in a heel, would the cobbled streets. Like some of the older parts of Camden, much better in a flat shoe.  

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