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Stealth/hybrid mode.

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I have some booties which I wear out under boot cut jeans. About a 2 1/2 inch heel.

I remember seeing some short videos FastFreddy posted showing his version of stealth mode - stilettos and a quite high heel, under boot cut jeans. But can't  seem to find the thread again.

I think I like the idea of stealth-ish mode. Potentially you could do heels, ladies jeans, ladies polo or blouse that looks like a shirt.

A small statement towards clothing freedom perhaps, but you know for yourself and I like the idea of small steps.

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I think that was when I wore some shoes from Schuh called Lois. They were red.

That video was posted some time ago, but should still have a link to it....


Here is the original post, that isn't shown in full. If the top right hand corner of the link is clicked on (where the arrow is) the full post will appear.


Just for ease of looking/watching .... Here is a direct link.



The video was uploaded in June 2012. What happened to the last 6½ years? Did I blink and it vanished? :huh:


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