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  1. I have been wearing my custom made 4" heeled cowboy-type boots for 3 years now, to the movies, concerts, restaurant, or shopping occasionally. Typically, I'm wearing these under jeans. I don't notice any strange looks. It helps to wear and walk around in 'em for an hour before an event so I'm comfortable in walking. I've got some that have 4-1/2" heels that I'm gonna try out at the movies. I really enjoy this!

  2. Hello! I'm delighted that you let me join. You know, I have never shared my enjoyment wearing "tall heels" with anyone. I suppose my first encounter was when I was a child, watching the TV cowboys and observing what they wore. Later, after discovering the Rawhide Kid comic book, my dream world began. I experienced wearing stillettos in my college years(still do, of course). I recently found a Mexican bootmaker who's been making custom made boots for me. I'll have to model 'em for you sometime. These are NOT your typical Tony Lamas, but with 3-1/2 to 5" heels!

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