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    I just read it! cool story! :-) Nice photo's added :-)
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    Indeed. It is nice to find activity on this dormant site!
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    Well..it's a start, right? Let's see what happens from now on. And ..I take that as a compliment!
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    I saw a presenter of a real estate/property show wearing similar the other night. I think it is a nice look that needn’t be trashy or fetishy at all. More urban chic than Soho sordid.
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    Morning! I got the point and I know the difference. Since I buy a specific high quality vintage style they're hard to find in the ebay shops in the usa. Mainly I buy them from people. There's 1 guy running an Ebay shop in France, that has good vintage. I have to look up his name.
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    It would be nice to do get this forum running in a livelier way. I don't like FB, Twitter etc anyway - have never joined and never will.
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    My 'resolution' for 2018 was a complete wipe out. Only days after I wrote up my intention, a new job took me away for more hours a week/month than either me or my employer could imagine. It's been financially rewarding, but probably cost me the best summer I will see this side of a mortuary. That meant no progress at all at Maison Freddy, and almost no recreational hours because from June/July I was working weekends + evenings too. Not only did I not do my 1 hour a day, but I did significantly less than I had done in 2017. In fact I've spent so little time in heels, the last couple of times I've been out in a high heel, I've experienced discomfort in my feet. Something I just haven't experienced for around 35 years. (And back then, only because I had to stand still in a pair of high heel courts for over 2 hours.) A 'resolution' for 2019 might be more 'me' time. More time in heels, obviously. More time riding my new bike. More time travelling. And get the central heating replaced in my building site of a home.
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    If you want to get his attention, PM him him directly. It's not a case of waking him/them up, they are busy elsewhere and as this threat clearly indicates, there's not much going on that draws attention. I have to say, your input is greatly appreciated, in trying to change that.
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